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Necker Island - British Virgin Islands

Welcome to the new Necker Island: Sir Richard Branson’s home and private hideaway in the unspoiled British Virgin Islands. Synonymous of ultimate luxury, the secluded island offers a backdrop to indulge in an unmatched beachside getaway with a spotlight on sustainability.

Reopening its doors after over a two-year recovery from the devastating impact of Hurricanes Irma and Maria, Necker Island is back and better than ever before, with a featured focus on sustainability. Providing guests with unmatched luxury guest rooms, exquisite views, and ultimate exclusivity, the new Necker Island is back to the top of travel enthusiasts’ destination bucket lists.

Guests are able to revel in a brand-new Necker experience which includes a new Great House and Bali Lo Complex. The Great House was restored with two new rooms, totaling to 11 guest rooms. Each of the spacious rooms in the Great House are equipped with a balcony that promotes the alluring panoramic views of the Caribbean, a king-sized bed, and en-suite bathrooms. The accommodations in the Great House are made family friendly with a bunk room, which sleeps up to six children. The Bali Lo Complex is a two-tiered Balinese house with a lounge on the ground floor and the bedroom is above it on the first floor. This complex along with the neighboring Bali Buah and the Bali Kukila were all built in authentic Balinese style and suited for accommodating a couple. There’s also the standalone Leha Lo, a short walk down from the Great House and nestled high above the rocks providing panoramic 180-degree sea views.

Simply being sequestered in their room savoring the impeccable views may be delightful enough for some guests. However, Necker Island offers much more than its pleasant placement in the Caribbean waters. The activities provided on this resort are endless allowing for an adventure filled experience. Pursuits vary from sailing, scuba diving, yoga, tennis, spa treatments, and more. For more adventurous travelers, off-site excursions can be arranged for a full or half day expedition.

Necker Island is more than just a luxurious vacation destination with stunning scenery and countless activities. Following its reopening, the island has a renewed commitment to sustainability. Its adoption of 1,232 solar panels and three wind turbines allows for the island to run on 90% renewable energy every day.

In line with Sir Richard Branson’s philanthropic efforts across the Virgin Limited Edition portfolio, Necker Island is a member of the Pack for a Purpose initiative that encourages visitors to save a little space in their luggage to bring supplies for local schools or medical clinics in need. Necker Island’s support has aided the exponential growth of area schools allowing for more space and resources for students.

Necker is typically reserved for buyout-only visits, however, there are certain weeks of the year where the island opens up for “Celebration Weeks” where guests can book a 7-night stay in an individual room.

While Necker Island has long been the crown jewel of the British Virgin Islands, soon comes the much-anticipated unveiling of a new island – Moskito Island. Situated on a 125-acre private island just two miles from sister island Necker, Moskito will go far beyond conventional villa rental and will provide guests with upscale luxury private estates on a beautiful privately owned Caribbean island.

The island will be complete with 10 individual luxury estates. Newly available for rent is the 11-bedroom Branson Estate, which exemplifies the pillar of excellence – and new estates will become available for rent this year, all individually designed and exceptionally different. Accompanying the estates is a communal recreational area for guests to take advantage of the many activities based around the Beach House, infinity pool and bar, tennis pavilion, dining pavilions and watersports center. Over on the opposite side of the island from the Branson Estate lies Manchioneel Beach, where guests can enjoy incredible waters paired with lounge-style cabanas and a private dining area.

The British Virgin Islands have maintained record low cases of COVID-19 due to strict safety precautions implemented by the BVI government. The staff at the two properties have received new COVID-19 training, are closely in-tune with government guidelines and ensuring that they are continuously one step ahead to keep the safety of their guests and staff a priority.


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