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Nelson De La Nuez - The King of Pop Art

Upon entering a gallery and encountering the pop artwork with the vintage travel ads, original sides on the canvas art, paint splats, large colorful dots and the luxurious couple speaking such phrases as, “Darling, You Know I Only Fly First Class!” or “All I Require are Fabulous Shoes!,”... you know it’s unmistakably a De La Nuez. Nelson De La Nuez may have been inspired by the distant past but he created a look that is all his own and all original.

His prestigious art galleries are located in luxury travel destinations ranging from Palm Beach, Pacific Palisades, the Hamptons to Aspen, Soho, Hong Kong, DC, Boston and major cities in between. Over the years, he has acquired a lengthy celebrity list of collectors that reads like a “Who’s Who” and has become a coveted artist that is so busy filling his orders that he’s often got a lengthy wait list.

He appeals to a wide audience, from young to old; those who are already success stories and hang the work in their various vacation homes, to those who aspire to the fabulous lifestyles in his playful artwork. His sophisticated, yet fun, original mixed media pop artwork is always in demand with the A list, whether it be the billionaire hedge fund crowd or the music and entertainment industry executives and celebrities or the savvy art collector with the keen eye looking to round out an extensive art collection...they appreciate his unique, fun style fitting for many luxury homes.

Nelson De La Nuez’s sculptures are also something that you cannot simply walk by. They range from realistic looking “Pop Donuts” to pop art cakes and even a Botox Box (“What Pretty People Use!”), which is a much updated, modern day twist on the old Brillo box. They all appeal to the stylish, “cool” crowds with a sense of humor, whether in Miami, Hamptons, L.A. or Aspen.

The Havana, Cuban born artist considers himself all American and has become one of the most collected, in demand, contemporary pop artists. He continues to try and break the boundaries of his own creativity daily. “I am always trying to step outside the box and see new ways of looking at things and creating, whether it’s through my media or size or theme,” he comments.

De La Nuez has built a brand and a successful name in the art world. His many luxury brand collections of home decor, travel and fashion over the years have all been branded with his trademark namesake of The King of Pop Art®, after being titled that years ago via media and press; it stuck for his brand.

He has partnered with and been hired for commissions and designs for major brands/corporations, such as Delta Airlines, for which you will see many of his pieces in the Delta One & Sky Club lounges at LAX, JFK and Atlanta Hartsfield, AZUL airlines, Shoedazzle, Hermes, Corum watches, and for countless celeb and industry execs requests.

He’s always had the mind of a businessman and entrepreneur. He created his company that sells his art in various formats and price points; online via his site, but also sells extensively to galleries worldwide and interior designers and developers, having worked with the hospitality industry, selling his art for hotel, nightclub and restaurant decor/design.

“My galleries are amazing and their locations are spectacular. They haven’t slowed down and people are buying a lot of art..It’s a good thing that I love what I do, because I just continuously paint and create,” he grins.

“I think I’ve been so successful also because I realize the need for art at all prices..I offer my art as smaller, fine art prints, mid range prices as mixed media on paper and the highest range investment originals so there is something for everyone..every stage of collecting my work,” he explains.

“Success is a constant progression. I don’t care how successful someone thinks they are. Never get content or lazy. Everyday I try and get a bit better than the day before. Success has no end,” De La Nuez says.


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