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New Pieces by Studiopepe - Happy Few Collection

Being one of Italy’s top designers, Studiopepe has been impressing the world with its creative design ideas that blend the lines between the past and the present, into unique and timeless projects. Passionate about the multidisciplinary side of the design world, Arianna Lelli Mami and Chiara di Pinto founded this incredible design studio in 2006 and since then they have become a reference of modern design. Beginning from solid interior design experience and the strong emotional value of their eclectic design research, Studiopepe has carried out styling projects and iconographic shoot concepts for major international magazines. From interior design projects to product design and creative consulting services for some of the best luxury design brands, the designers feature a unique signature style that captures the attention of any design lover. For both of the Italian designers, the real beauty of designing any type of project relies on the feeling and unique experiences that these products will bring to the client.

“We love designing products, but also imagining them inside an ambiance, so we love all the things that contribute to enhance those products, and for me is something innate, that I feel since always”

- Chiara di Pinto

Referencing the inspiring Italian architectural landmarks through their sleek designs, Studiopepe has created a memorable collection that combines style, high-quality material, fine craftsmanship techniques with a touch of history. Essential Home’s “Happy Few” collections by Studiopepe quickly became one of the best-selling product lines for the brand, due to its organic feel and top quality. We had the chance to talk with the awarded Italian designer and they revealed some curiosities about the collection that was never unveiled before.

One of the biggest challenges that Studiopepe had to face when Essential Home invited them to create this collaboration, was to create a unique mid-century collection that looked innovative and different from what we have senn in furniture so far. One of the things that they had to avoid during their creative process was to not create a scenography scenario, otherwise the final result could be counter-productive.

“We noticed there are a lot of affinities with Italy here in Portugal, and that’s is very interesting, the passion for Wood’s Craftsmanship, the etching and other materials as the glass, the ceramic and so on.”

- Arianna Lelli Mami

One-touch and one look, and you find yourself walking the streets of Italy, discovering the architectural beauty of the 30s and 40s. A different era that teaches and inspires some of the greatest artists in the world, was also what twinkled between Chiara and Arianna’s eyes and moved them to create a collection so beautiful and elegant, that easily shines with stunning shapes that recall the grace of mid-century Italian architecture.

“Once you realize how the materials can be used, the technics, the processes, the care with which are produced, and all of the combination you can make, off course for creative people it is like to be in a Luna-Park.We have the chance to add value toward what you already do, that is our value.”

- Chiara di Pinto | @essential_home


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