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Our Planes, Our Pilots: A Privately Owned & Operated Jet Program

Nicholas Air is a private jet program that delivers exceptional service, reliability, flexibility, and convenience to their members. Nicholas Air maintains perhaps the industry’s newest fleet with an average aircraft age under 5 years and aircraft types selected for their versatility and efficiency. Choose from their fleet of Pilatus PC-12s, Phenom 100, Phenom 300, Citation CJ3, and Citation Latitude jets. Their stringent policy of retaining a new fleet provides their members with the conveniences of flying in aircraft that offer all the latest safety and technological advancements.

The ability for members to select a specific aircraft type when they are booking a trip ensures the member receives the consistent experience they expect from private air travel. Each aircraft, well appointed and with upgrades to enhance cabin comfort, becomes the ultimate setting for family time, an in-flight business meeting, or a few moments of silence and reflection in the sky.

Very few Jet Card providers can make the statement of “Our Planes, Our Pilots.” With Nicholas Air as the Owner and Operator, their members see and feel their attention to detail, their commitment to quality, and the professionalism of Nicholas Air flight crews. Some providers own their planes, but don’t operate them. Some providers operate their planes, but don’t own them. At Nicholas Air, they do both.

From the Personal Travel Representatives in their Operations Center, to the pilots who shake your hand planeside, Nicholas Air takes incredible measures to maintain their world-class culture of extraordinary customer service. As a Member, you will quickly discover that their staff is your staff. Door to door, Members appreciate the hassle-free and highly personalized level private air travel with Nicholas Air’s extensively trained aviation experts. Flexibility and highly personalized services are what set them apart in the private air travel industry. Their dedicated Personal Travel Representatives tend to all necessary details, including ground transportation, catering, accommodations, and any additional special requests. Hearing a familiar voice, seeing a familiar face, and having instant access to your private jet, allows you to truly experience the feeling of owning your own aircraft at a fraction of the cost.

Nicholas Air serves Members across the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean. Whether you’re flying fifteen hours a year or hundreds of hours a year, they offer an ideal membership program to suit all your travel needs. Their innovative approach to private air travel presents four flexible options to become a member, the most popular being a Jet Card. For those who prefer a specific aircraft type, purchasing blocks of hours with a Blue Card is a great option. For those wanting access to the entire fleet for a variety of trips, a deposit based Rise Card is a convenient option. Some of the most appealing features of their Jet Cards include; no initiation or membership fees, no repositioning fees, hours that never expire, multiple aircraft options, and no long-term commitment. Although they are Membership based, Nicholas Air also offers an introductory “Pay As You Fly” option with their Smart Card which offers simple hourly rates for individual trip needs. Their Jet Lease program offers a monthly payment system without the upfront financial commitment of an asset and the Jet Share offers the same benefits of whole aircraft ownership at a fraction of the cost. Aircraft Management services provide all the benefits of aircraft ownership without the hassles of complex flight operations and regulatory compliance.

Guaranteed availability ensures your jet is ready with as little as 10 hours’ advance notice, allowing you to fly on your schedule in the aircraft of your choice. They understand that your time is valuable so they go above and beyond to ensure a stress-free private air travel experience and the most efficient use of flight hours. They have access to over 9,000 airports across the U.S. alone, providing the added convenience of landing that much closer to your final destination.


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