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Nikita Kahn - From Sofas to the Silver Screen

Mystery surrounds this enigmatic actress as she rises the ranks as one of the most promising talents on the Hollywood horizon. Born and raised in Ukraine as Iryna Osipova, she spent her youth dreaming of becoming a major player amongst the stars. Moving to the US to pursue acting the multi-faceted actress began her first career in Los Angeles with putting her creative mind and eye for beauty to use by founding her own real estate and interior design company under the alias Nikita Kahn. A new career identity and a strong business behind her she entered the world of acting.

Leaning into her dreams in front of the camera she made her acting debut opposite Bruce Willis and Forest Whitaker in the action crime-drama Catch .44. As a follow up she explored her other passion, animals, and produced the documentary The Last Animals. The film exposed the epidemic of poachers with the voices of conversationalists, scientists, and activists. She managed to accomplish those goals while sustaining a very growing and demanding business in interior design and real estate, all within a fluctuating housing market.

Nikita Kahn is now ready to deep dive back into acting for the next big life adventure…

Tell us about yourself and when did you develop an interest in acting?

Nikita Kahn: Growing up, I dreamed of being an actress one day. We didn’t have any good acting schools around, so it seemed like it wouldn’t be possible at that time. As a high schooler, I participated in a Christmas play where I played a little devil. I got noticed by the teachers and acting coaches at an acting school after performing in the play. Their encouragement helped me get into acting.

Were you always a natural performer? Were you involved in school theater?

I was definitely a performer. It was so much fun to make up characters and perform for my family. When I was 4, I started gymnastics and I felt very comfortable performing in front of people. My school didn’t have a theater, but we would sometimes prepare plays for Halloween and Christmas. There was a play during Christmas time in which I was often cast as a Snow Maiden.

What’s your dream role?

I’d love to play a Bond girl one day. It sounds daring, but you know what they say, “Dream big, work hard, and never give up!” That character is so amazing, and I would love to experience what it’s like to be a Bond girl. In addition to being hot, she’s intelligent, adventurous, and dangerous.

What actresses (living or dead) have inspired you and why?

Just think of Marilyn Monroe, Brigitte Bardot, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lawrence, you name it. They inspire me with their perseverance and hard work. Despite some of them having tough childhoods, their dreams led them to Hollywood, and they believed they would be able to achieve their goals there. One of the most important things that you can do for yourself is to believe in your abilities. Without it, nothing will happen.

Best piece of advice you’ve received about acting?

You don’t have to act, just be. Let the camera do its thing. I don’t remember where I heard it, but it stuck with me.

Do you have a favorite film genre? What is your favorite film and why?

I love period pieces. It’s fun to watch historical events and be transformed into that time. Elizabeth and Pride and Prejudice are two of my favorite movies. My favorite shows lately have been “Downton Abbey,” “Bridgerton “and “The Crown.” There’s nothing better than lush sets and intricate costumes. No matter if it’s the 14th century or the 21st century, the human nature of love, betrayal, justice, innocence, and sacrifice remains the same.

We heard you have an affinity for fast cars and recently got into stunt and precision driving, what is your favorite car you’ve driven so far and why? What’s the fastest you’ve ever driven and in what vehicle?

That’s right, how did you know? I love sport cars. I always prefer driving over being driven. There’s nothing like the sound of an engine and the feel of handling a car. The car I’ve had the most fun driving was a Nissan GTR with 700 horsepower. That car is awesome! You cannot believe how fast it was and how well it handled. I got a lot of thumbs up from other drivers when I drove it. Unfortunately, I got too many speeding tickets and almost lost my driving license, so I sold it to a racer.

What’s one thing people don’t know about you?

I own a chinchilla. Not a coat, a pet. Before I moved out of the country, my parents wouldn’t let me get a dog, so I got a chinchilla instead. She went with me to Prague and then to the US. They’re really smart and can be trained like dogs. You’d be amazed how long they live!

Where can people find you online?

You can find me online at and on Instagram @NikitaKahn.


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