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Oil Nut Bay - One-of-a-Kind Oasis

Solo is the new safe, and space has never been a more valued commodity. With borders closed globally, a newfound collective fear of commercial flights and a mandate to isolate ourselves from the masses, planning your next Caribbean getaway has rarely proved more daunting. Enter Oil Nut Bay: a luxury development in the British Virgin Islands that is ideally suited to this “new normal” and to the heightened needs of the luxury traveler.

Envision an idyllic haven for your family to escape to that offers safety and splendor in the midst of this madness. Spanning 400 acres on the north-eastern tip of Virgin Gorda, nestled majestically where the Caribbean Sea meets the Atlantic Ocean, this one-of-a-kind retreat was built to cater to the world’s ultra-wealthy. With a self-directed mandate to “build in harmony with nature”, Oil Nut Bay developer, David V. Johnson, considers himself God’s caretaker of this incredible piece of land. He has extended an open invitation to like-minded individuals who are looking for a second residence in a sensational destination or a luxurious holiday in a place that prides itself on elegance, seclusion and privacy.

With diverse real estate and rental offerings in eight distinct neighborhoods, this low-density utopia offers natural sequestration with expansive outdoor living space around each of its 30 extraordinary built homes. The nearby island of Tortola enables private air transport right to the arrival dock where you will be whisked by boat to your home away from home. Whether you’ve opted to stay on the island’s ‘wild side’, where ocean and mountains meet, or on the white sandy beach bordering the turquoise bay, your villa of choice is sure to resonate as your own opulent oasis.

Your villa selection will offer low touch, high tech options for opening doors, controlling lights and, in some cases, even managing the flow of your own elaborate waterfall. If the idea of communal pools seems daunting, almost all rental options include private ways of taking a dip and sunbathing in solitary serenity.

While each of the three delectable on-property restaurants has been conceptualized to complement their individual venues and views, Oil Nut Bay now offers uniquely bespoke ways to feast in savory seclusion. Picture a luxury picnic waiting for you on a lookout over the bluffs, after a refreshing hike through the island’s rocky, fauna-filled terrain. You’ll soak in the sun and every shade of blue as you feast on your culturally infused culinary delights. Imagine hosting a decadent dinner party in your own lavish living space, carefully curated to your tastes by one of the island’s private chefs. If you opt to order in, ‘ONB Eats’ will deliver restaurant fare via electric golf cart to your villa door.

The resort core boasts an array of world-class amenities that are both unparalleled and unrivaled, from the kid’s play center, the Nut House, to a state of the art fitness facility. In response to a call for solo-centric activities, glass-bottom kayaks, stand-up paddle boards and sail-ready hobie cats line the shore awaiting your next adventure. Picture a day spent learning to kite-surf off the Marina Village dock, or mountain biking on one of their trails or doing sunrise yoga on the beach, followed by an in-villa massage serenaded by the sounds of the ocean. Having mastered the island-hopping experience by private charter boat, the local fishing experience and the romantic sunset cruise, they’ll orchestrate your immersion into nature, away from the throngs and banded with your flock.

Once you’ve visited the horses at their rescue barn and snorkeling with the resident turtles in their sanctuary, a visit to their Nature Center is in order. This newly conceptualized building is an ode to its surroundings and a platform for conservation education with a mission of putting the heart back in luxury. Guests are offered an opportunity to book a turtle tagging expedition in the protected bay that borders the beach, providing a meaningful venture into ‘giving back’ while on holiday.

In partnership with the Henry Ford Clinic, Oil Nut Bay offers 24 hour on-call doctor services in their fully equipped on-site clinic. Robust infrastructure simplifies long term stays with the ability to stream, work and zoom with those not as fortunate as you to be operating from paradise.

Without question, these are unprecedented times and with that there has been movement of wealth into the luxury real estate market and demand for private villa rentals. People are feeling an urgency to find a place they can return to year over year, that they can use as a safe harbor and sheltered respite. And there’s nowhere better to escape to than the tranquility of a Caribbean island designed to indulge you in mother nature’s bounty and cater to your desire for seclusion with tailored refinement.


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