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Potency No. 710-Experience the Transformation

Potency No. 710 CEO Mandy Lile has Southern charm and bluntness down to a science, in fact, the first thing you’ll notice upon meeting her is her Kentucky accent.

Growing up, her father spent 13 years of his life in prison for marijuana and although it carries a stigma, Mandy took it as inspiration to show everyone the beauty in this potent plant. She opened her first skincare clinic at the ripe age of 20, quickly developing a knack for plant-based, non-toxic products, and when she moved to LA and met and fell in love with her now-fiancé Harry, she found herself walking through clouds of smoke as the two ventured into the cannabis business.

The two applied their combined knowledge of both the skincare and the cannabis industry to create Potency No. 710, a line of balanced beauty products fueled by non-toxic, plant-powered ingredients. One of their favorite ingredients is CBD from full spectrum hemp. This ingredient is one that has gained much interest and elevated support throughout the beauty industry.

Bradley Cruise: What you have created with performance-driven, natural, and non-toxic Potency No. 710 is absolutely incredible, and you speak about making the investment back in oneself. You have this amazing, incredible, and inspiring story with respect to how you became intrigued with the Cannabis industry and looking at it with respect to the benefits that CBD has, what was it that gave you the inspiration, the motivation to channel your incredible entrepreneurial spirit and drive into creating something that people are as you just said utilizing those amazing beautifying benefits from cannabis.

Mandy Lile: My goal was to really help clear the stigma about the plant because I couldn’t figure out why it was such a big deal that my father grew marijuana and that it was a natural plant and I couldn’t figure out why he kept going to jail for it. When I found out I was going to be able to use this as an ingredient and I started learning about the other plant molecules, all the different ones that we don’t even know about yet and how they react to our body. I wanted to take it and show everybody that what they thought was so bad at one time is now an essential product. It’s essential. We’re disrupting the beauty industry in a good way.

Most people at this point know what CBD is now while you touched upon a phrase a few times, in that we each have a cannabinoid system, correct?

We have a system within our body, it is like our body is the car and the car, the body, has a motor and to help us keep running we have a cannabinoid system and it’s vital to us to have a little bit of this cannabis CBD in the body and it’s just now showing that it’s necessary. It’s not an antioxidant to shun away and when you’re getting ready to start redoing your vitamins again you might want to think about including because I don’t think people realize CBD has so much omega-3 omega-6. It has so many vitamins.

You’ve touched upon skin transformations very well, let’s expand upon a few. Such as Potency No. 710 having a significant impact for people that have had acne problems, and then let’s go to the middle of the spectrum, and then to the other end where you have a beautiful woman who’s been using save great products her whole life, but then begins using Potency No. 710.

So with acne what I’m finding is the transformation is so quick, which we see in unsolicited before and after photos our clients send me as they are so amazed, from teens to older women. Additional benefits include CBD being such a free radical fighter that it helps shield from the sun while other products with SPF often do not work on women’s faces.

It’s so amazing with respect to the still endless benefits that we’re discovering with CBD. Incredible individuals such as yourself are discovering and bringing them to life in such positive ways.

Investing in oneself, one’s beauty, it’s the best investment no matter what hands down. You’re always going to get a good return. It’s the best investment you can make, taking care of yourself. If you didn’t know it before you do it right away.


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