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Potency No. 710 - Experience the Transformation

Potency No. 710 is a plant-powered lifestyle brand founded by Mandy Lile, a 20+ year licensed aesthetician born and raised with Kentucky roots. On the eve of their 4th anniversary, Potency is disrupting the scene and breaking the stigma through beauty and immersive education. Check out this interview with Potency’s founder to learn more!

Elevated: We couldn’t help but notice that when representing your brand at events and in marketing, you are often painted. Can you tell us more about your intentions behind this?

Mandy Lile: Absolutely. Unfortunately, there is much stigma surrounding cannabis still today despite the breakthrough in reform we have witnessed over the last decade. Trust me, I know. I was Kentucky-born and raised. Potency products are powered by plants, and one of the most powerful plant ingredients in the products is Cannabidiol (CBD) and Cannabigerol (CBG), both of which come from cannabis.

As you can imagine, when painted, it prompts conversation allowing me to introduce the power of these natural ingredients to those that may otherwise steer clear of anything containing cannabis. I like to think of it as being an icebreaker and an extension of the education regarding cannabis that Potency provides in our Plant Power Blog series.

Speaking of CBD and CBG, while we know these are some of your most beloved ingredients, and they offer potent powers, what would you say is the next most powerful ingredient in your product lineup?

Green Tea for sure! This powerful antioxidant ingredient offers a plethora of benefits not only for our skin but for our overall health. I love to drink green tea, both hot and cold. I think it is a powerful ingredient both inside and out. Almost all Potency products include green tea, which has been shown to provide moisturization and to offer antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, and many other benefits for our skin.

We know that you love to mingle, and we’ve noticed Potency has been popping up everywhere, it seems! What exciting things have you been up to so far in 2022?

I was absolutely thrilled to be invited back to participate in GolfBeef as it brings together celebrities for a great cause with proceeds supporting youth and minority-focused charities. The event was founded and is hosted by the one and only Big Percy, CEO of Roderick Music Marketing (RMM). I also had the pleasure of sponsoring a few Super Bowl events and partook in a sesh with the infamous Cheech and Chong duo! More than anything, I think the most exciting thing so far is just being back out with people and promoting the Potency lifestyle!

We heard through the grapevine that 2022 is bringing new products to the Potency No. 710 lineup. Can you tell us more?

Higher Good is defined as a “good” that is shared and beneficial for all (or most) members of a given community. My community asked, and I answered! This spring, the Higher Good full body lotion from Potency will be launching with two new ingredients that I am absolutely loving. One is an aphrodisiac, Tonka, and the other a biblical oil that offers potent powers for our skin, myrrh. The lotion is a high-end luxury lotion that you will know you’re not wearing the first day you go without it! It will be available in 2 sizes and will once again bring the powers of CBD and CBG to the forefront. The Higher Good lotion isn’t the only product that Potency will be launching this year either, but for now, my lips are sealed!


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