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Potency No. 710 - Unlocking Wonderland

Potency No. 710’s founder Mandy Lile often finds herself adventuring down rabbit holes. Recently she became immersed in a dream like reality where she stumbled across a sleeping girl named Alice. Alice had fallen down this same rabbit hole but unfortunately many years ago she found herself at a tea party being doused in harmful skin care products where she was served potentially dangerous FDA-approved products.

Riddled by the lies and smokescreens set forth by Mad Hatters in the form of big pharma and greedy corporations she became tainted by their toxicity over the years. This left poor Alice in a trance, unaware that there was a much more magical path to be taken. Mandy knew that something had to be done about Alice. This weighed heavy on her mind as she sat in her greenhouse harvesting fresh flowers and cannabis blossoms.

It was here, that with each snip, she began to unlock a wonderland. A wonderland of truth surrounding holistic ingredients and the magical superpowers of a plant tainted with a negative stigma based on a foundation of smokescreens. Within this greenhouse Mandy discovered her mission and knew what needed to be done. She needed to awaken Alice and others from the trance they were in caused by deception, poison, and corporate greed. Mandy began her quest by sharing with others knowledge and information about the potent therapeutic properties of a plant known as cannabis.

Versed in the superpowers of nature, many of which grew within her very own garden, she knew just what would do the trick. Mandy concocted a potent magical formulation from nature that would come to be known as Modern Mist. The contents of Modern Mist echoes the superpowers of nature harnessing a potent plant compound called Cannabidiol (CBD).

While in her greenhouse, a commotion occurred and a white rabbit appeared asking, “Alice is that you?” Mandy replied, “no rabbit, I am Mandy, but I know where Alice is, and I am here to help.” The white rabbit explained that she had guided Alice along her path for years before they found themselves separated. When Alice first came to wonderland, she was much like Mandy. This was before she took a few spins at the table and drank from the teapot of mainstream media.

Mandy knew she must reunite the white rabbit and Alice. She spritzed the white rabbit with her magical formulation of Modern Mist. Immediately, they both knew that this was just what was needed to awaken Alice from her trance. Together, Mandy and the white rabbit ventured further into the rabbit hole to find Alice.

With the white rabbit and Alice reunited, they experienced the potent properties of Modern Mist together. As suspected, this was just what Alice needed. When she came to, Alice found herself sitting at a table with Mandy, her loyal friend the white rabbit, along with others who had joined her path in wonderland.

Alice was inquisitive and desired to learn how Mandy was able to lift her from the trance she was held captive in. Alice asked, “Dearest Mandy, how was it that you awakened me?” Mandy replied saying, “It was by staying true to what I believe in and embracing plant medicine.”

As their discussion continued around the table Alice became more aware of her surroundings. She saw satchels of cannabis, skin care products with ingredient lists she could read, and something else. There was a teapot which appeared to be filled with a beverage Alice was not familiar with. As she would later discover, what was in this teapot was much different than anything Alice had enjoyed before.

Curiosity cultivated within Alice, and she yearned to learn more. Mandy took Alice on a journey where they indulged in self-care. It was here Alice experienced the magic of Gold Serum and Higher Good moisturizer after immersing in a CBD infused bath.

The white rabbit then filled Alice’s cup with beverage from the teapot containing Viola cannabis-infused sparkling water. While enjoying her beverage she took deep breathes from Mandy’s cannabis offering. Enlightened, Alice began rejoicing in the gift of holistic knowledge which Mandy had bestowed upon her.

Alice and the others celebrated Mandy by embracing in the products she offered and entrusting her to show them the way out of the rabbit hole. They knew others would venture into that same rabbit hole. A rabbit hole where they would find themselves gazing through a keyhole, longing to join the others in the garden of holistic choices.

Alice, Mandy, the white rabbit, and the 710 Hatter made their way down the path of educating others about an extraordinary plant with a plethora of therapeutic benefits. To succeed, they knew they must follow their hearts trusting in everything mother earth has to offer.

After emerging from this rabbit hole, Mandy realized that Alice’s story was like the stories of so many others today. Stories of synthetic pharmaceutical dependency, bodies lathered in toxic skin care and beauty products, and people eating poisonous food all the while being led to believe it was all safe.

For this reason and many more, Mandy continues to embrace nature. This passion ignites her desire to help facilitate in the removal of the negative stigma surrounding cannabis. Somewhere it was said you are only as strong as your weakest link. For this reason, Mandy surrounds herself with a like-minded and driven team that sets forth the same high intentions in everything they do.

Have you found yourself drinking from the wrong teapots? Do you spend your days staring through keyholes longing for something more, seemingly unable to crawl out of the rabbit hole or unlock the door to a different path? If so, Mandy invites you to take the first step to a different reality by embracing holistic skincare options such as those offered at Potency No. 710.

Photographer: Samantha Jacoby @sjphotostudio

Production: Spencer Saltzman Foreseen Media @foreseenmedia

The 710 Hatter: Rio Sirah @rio.sirah

The White Rabbit: MaryAnne @maezajian

Alice: Tiffany Lewis @greenspiritvibes

Story Content By: Ashley Priest @CannaLance


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