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Project Sunrise - Sleek Lines & Luxury Concepts

The ultimate billionaire extravagance is surely a yacht and a gigayacht sits right at the top tier with its immense foot print plus not to mention, a level of luxury seemingly unrivaled by anything else. Roberto Curtò Design, however, has added a twist in form of its low profile 135m gigayacht called as "concept Project Sunrise". It is a unique gigayacht with a low structure along with a stunning design which imparts a feel of a sleeker power boat. It has also been designed around an “idyllic island resort vibe” while being decked up with all the luxuries which is expected from a luxury vessel of this type.

The Italian Yacht Design Studio has shunned traditional styling in favor of a sportier look with sleek lines generously draped all over. There is also an open deck design while the aforementioned low superstructure is for decreased wind resistance and its wave piercing hull reduces drag- factors reminiscent of a much more agile yacht.

The designers have carefully utilized the on-board deck space and its vast 135m length to create open spaces with a walking path flowing from deck to deck around the yacht. The interior design seems welcoming and features large windows along with Japanese inspired design features such as slatted screens and a water drop statue using the kintsugi technique coming from a hole on the deck above to behind the bar table on the main deck. Passengers also get an unperturbed view of the sea with access from the stern platform and also the bow.

In terms of amenities, the Project Sunrise features a helipad, a massive tender garage, astronomical observatory, 2 pools, an owner's cabin with private gym, office and indoor/outdoor pool, a further gym for guests, a cinema and 2 dining rooms. This gigayacht can accommodate 22 guests in 11 luxury cabins and also has space for a crew of 49. That said, it is not all show and no go as this vessel can attain speeds of up-to 24 knots at full tilt. However, fret not, it can also leisurely cruise at 18 knots and get a 6000 nautical mile range. Overall, this is certainly one of the best looking gigayacht concepts that we have seen and combines luxury along with an alluring design.


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