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Red Prom Dresses: Styling Guide For An Outstanding Look

We all can agree: Red is a classic, timeless color, perfect for a memorable occasion like prom. This attention-grabbing hue will definitely ensure that you stand out in a crowd effortlessly. 

A red prom dress can be bold, but here’s a question: Is having a red prom dress enough? 

The answer is NO!

A perfect red dress deserves a perfect look, which is incomplete without the right styling. The most important thing for this is to style it the right way. 

But is it as easy as it sounds? Absolutely not! 

Coordinating it with the right colors or finding the accessories that enhance the overall look: styling it the right way is a great challenge. But the right styling tips can make it easier for you! 

So before wasting another second, let's dive into this guide with the best styling tips. 


To make an outstanding look in your red prom dresses know what is essential when accessorizing. Choose a minimal number of items instead of stacking everything on your body. 

For a red dress, the key elements to finding the right accessories depend on finding the appropriate colors and creating the right balance with colors. For the bold shade of these dresses, it is best to choose items that have neutral or subtle hues. 


Here are some tips to make you stand out with the right choice of footwear:


Focus On Style

What is the ideal footwear that will go best with your dress? It will depend mainly on what style is highlighted. For instance, high heels are the best pair if you go for red prom dresses with slit-cut dresses. 

When choosing high heels, you can go with either pointed heels for more of a chic look or wedges if you want to be more comfortable. On the other hand, if you buy a red designer dress for prom with sequin details, your aim must be to enhance the overall shimmer with nude-colored sandals. 

Best Color For Footwear

The footwear you choose must also coordinate with respect to balancing the colors. Some of the most trendy color choices that go perfectly with red are listed below: 

  • Neutral or nude-shade sandals give you a classic and elegant look. 

  • If you want a timeless look with your outfit, add the sophistication of black heels or sandals with your prom fit. 

  • Metallic is the new favorite of fashion enthusiasts, and you can not miss it for your prom parties.

  • Some other colors you can opt for include white and red (Bonus tip: Create an elegant monochromatic look). In addition, animal red prints are best if you want to add an edge to your red outfit. These are best if you opt for solid red dresses. 

Accessorize According To Your Dress  

The first step to looking stunning in your prom dress in this vibrant shade is to highlight your dress details. If you don’t know how here are some tips: 


An important factor that dictates the styling of trendy red prom dresses is their neckline. 

For instance, an off-shoulder dress will look adorable with dainty necklaces or chokers, whereas a long necklace will give a dress with a plunging v-neckline statement. 

So make sure you pair the right neckline with jewelry that enhances the overall look. 


What skirt style your dress has will also be a crucial factor when it comes to styling these dresses. 

A dress with a ruffled skirt (like the versatility of golden and minimal jewelry) will need different elements than a bodycon dress (like glamorous strappy high heels) for a flattering look.  

Dress Details

Styling will vary depending on what dress detail your dress features. If your dress has details of lace appliques, the best look comes with a pearl necklace or crystal jewelry. 

Meanwhile, the key for dresses highlighting rhinestones, sequins, and glitter elements is to go minimal to balance the shimmer. 


Styling a red prom dress can undoubtedly result in a stunning look. But styling it is never easy. To help you, we have our guide that will make you look perfect in your old red dress. 

Prom is your event to shine. Let our tips help you stand out as we cheer you to make a statement in prom in red prom dresses!


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