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Regent Seven Seas - A Week of Bespoke Travel Through Greece & Turkey

Written by Jamie Agoglia

Regent Seven Seas has long been regarded as the world’s most luxurious cruise line, which couldn’t be more true. Every aspect of traveling with Regent is a bespoke experience. With an exquisitely appointed ship, masterfully curated onboard experiences, and immersive on-shore excursions, there is truly no better way to explore the world.

Upon arriving to Regent Seven Seas Explorer, it was clear why Regent Seven Seas is so highly regarded in the world of luxury travel. I was in awe of the magnitude of grandeur onboard. Every inch of the ship is a work of art. Crystal chandeliers line the ceilings while works by Pablo Picasso line the walls - stunning is an understatement. The atmosphere is impeccable and inspiring.

From the moment I arrived onboard, I felt welcomed by the distinguished hospitality, with a personal touch of being acknowledged by name with all needs anticipated. The delicate care put into every detail of the experience was a highlight of being a guest and an unwavering theme throughout the journey. From start to finish, the voyage was a personalized experience like no other.

Dining on the Explorer is the epitome of fine-dining with diverse cuisines and restaurants all equally extravagant. The globally inspired menus and expertly paired wines are complemented by the elegant atmosphere, decor and service.

Onboard the Explorer, there are vast and unique possibilities of how to spend your time. In the mornings, I’d enjoy coffee on my balcony, watching the sunrise over the Aegean Sea as we arrive to port, feeling refreshed and excited for what the day's adventures bring. I enjoyed the Mediterranean sun while relaxing by the pool, making connections with new friends from around the world and sharing stories of their unique travels. My mind and body felt rejuvenated after a masterful bamboo massage at Serene Spa & Wellness, where the list of treatments are opulent. The Spa offers holistic wellness held in perfect balance with incredibly talented massage therapists and estheticians - a perfect way to sink into the depths of luxury available on the Explorer.

Evenings are filled with live music and entertainment, dancing, and diverse fine-dining with good company as the ship embarks to our next location.

As we voyaged through Greece and Turkey, I was immersed into the history and wonders of the cultures thanks to the creatively curated excursions. Every port offered well rounded options that range from adventurous to laid back and everything in-between. Swimming in the turquoise waters of Mykonos was breathtaking. Walking the colorful and winding streets of Santorini was picturesque - the iconic white and blue buildings lining the hillside was a view I always dreamed of seeing myself - and it was more beautiful than I ever could have imagined. Standing in the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sofia, and the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul was filled with history and excitement. Strolling the ancient ruins of Ephesus with guides who were true storytellers, transporting us back in time as we roamed the grounds where Cleopatra herself roamed.

Every moment spent with Regent Seven Seas is exceptional. The beauty of exploring with Regent is knowing every day brings new wonder, it brings adventure, and it brings the highest level of luxury possible. No two days are the same, yet every one is just as awe-inspiring as the last.


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