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Sandi Miller Burrows Designs - Bespoke Custom Couture Jewelry

After graduating from Rhode Island School of Design with a BFA in Jewelry Design and Goldsmithing, Sandi Miller Burrows received an Artist’s Grant from the National Endowment for the Arts and set up her own atelier, Sandi Miller Burrows Designs Ltd., to create custom made couture precious jewelry.

The designer creates one-of-a-kind precious jewelry and objects of virtue in 18K gold, platinum, and a wide array of gemstones for an international clientele. She has also designed fashion jewelry collections for some of the world’s most prestigious fashion houses. Her clients have included Yves Saint Laurent, Valentino, Ralph Lauren, and Oscar de La Renta.

Working alongside clients, the designer entices them with a wide variety of one-of-a-kind jewelry, limited edition creations, artistic renderings, and beautiful unmounted stones. Diamond Monogram pendants are a specialty, while in the past available only at Harry Winston, Inc., now available directly from Sandi. Precious stone monograms are also available as cufflinks, bracelets, and belt buckles. They are contemporary jewelry statement and a timeless creation.

Sandi Miller Burrows has at her fingertips the precious materials to manifest whatever is in your dreams, from ancient and rare bronze coins to diamond shaped like stars. In today’s marketplace of big box stores, ubiquitous brand names, offshore manufacturing and internet retailing, Sandi Miller Burrows offers an old world experience, designing unique precious jewelry to your specifications and crafting it by hand in the USA.

Below, a beautiful combination of white diamonds and blue sapphires in a pair of AS Monogram Cufflinks initials representing the first initials of the husband and his wife.

“This commission was for a true ‘cowgirl’, from East Texas, so we hung the AB Monogram Diamond Pendant on a braided leather cord.The finished necklace is shown on the right, layerd on top of the original rendering.

Below is a 40th birthday gift to a wife and mother, this black and white gold gothic heart pendant with the initials of the client’s children. “S” in rubies set in pink gold, “I” in black diamonds set in black gold, and “F” in blue sapphires set in white gold. The 18k black gold heart is set with white diamonds on the front and black diamonds on the reverse side. It is engraved in latin with “Mihi Avro Adamas” — “dearer to me than diamonds.”

The pendants have hinged bails so that they can be worn on many different necklaces, pearls, beads, leather, etc.

A beloved daughter-in-law was lucky enough to receive a 6 carat round diamond which was set in an 18K yellow gold mounting and embellished with round faceted emeralds, shown above.


Sandi has also been an activist since the 1960’s and a proponent of equality. As an adjunct of the precious jewelry that she designs for Sandi Miller Burrows Designs, Sandi was recently inspired to design a new bronze collection, the Passionate Protest Collection, as a reaction to issues of today, designed to be provocative, create conversation and promote unity. The variety of statements in the Passionate Protest Collection, cover issues such as feminism, gender equality, civil rights, humanitarianism, environmentalism, and freedom. All designs are gender neutral, handmade from non-toxic bronze and enamel, and like her precious jewelry, are beautifully manufactured in New York City.


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