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Shakūff - Bespoke Lighting Solutions

Shakūff is a bespoke, custom lighting partner for high-end residential homes, commercial spaces and the hospitality industry. They’ve brought singular artistry, craftsmanship, and imagination to each collaboration, prioritizing their clients’ vision and experience since 2007. We sat down with Josef Sidof, owner of Shakūff.

Elevated: Can you tell me what Shakūff means?

Shakūff means “transparent” and “obvious” in Hebrew. Our glass pendants are handcrafted by artisans and we wanted to reflect that and the concept of transparency and beauty of artisanal craftsmanship in our name.

Where is the Shakūff showroom?

Located in Industry City, Brooklyn, Shakūff has a beautiful showroom that spotlights each collection, keeps inventory and parts and also houses the engineering department which is responsible for the customization and h

ard-wiring of each fixture.

How do you create a new collection? Please walk us through the process of how a new collection comes to fruition.

Some of my collections are designs inspired by being in nature, and some of my collections are created by integrating different materials like blown glass, hand-crafted wood, and refined metalwork and I collaborate with collective artists to make a collection.

When I have a design in mind, I draw a rough sketch on paper and sit with my artist about the possibility of making that design. I then collaborate with my senior engineer on how to bring the collection to life with all the necessary parts and electrical components.

Sometimes a designer has an idea in mind and communicates their wishes with me on what they would like to create for their client’s space. If the design intrigues me, I will achieve the vision established by the client.

Tell us about your most impressive installation in the hospitality sector?

One of the most impressive installations I have done is the Silver Dollar design in the Vdara hotel lobby in Las Vegas. This design elicits a certain sparkle in our eye. The designers came to us with the idea of creating a chandelier that resembled dry silver dollar leaves: white, textured, and translucent. We used brushed antique bronze to complement the opaque glass. Tilting each pendant leaf in a different position to create an uncommon arrangement presented an invigorating challenge. Each silver dollar glass leaf suspended over the bar, is 16 by 26 inches. 53 in total.

Tell us about your most impressive installation in a residential home.

I worked with Ansana Interior Design in creating a custom dining room fixture and a warm, modern kitchen island installation that channeled their aesthetic. This 10 foot by 2 foot fused glass Plice chandelier is a dramatic focal point for the dining room, bringing people together. We built a floating canopy suspended with cables attached to wood beams in order to achieve a chandelier look for this unconventional ceiling.

We designed the kitchen fixture before the house was built, creating a complementary fixture that integrated both areas of the kitchen and using a gripper that staggers 8 Tamar Wand pendants on a cross-beam ceiling.

Once a designer comes to Shakūff, can you tell us how the process works?

Both organic and efficient, our process for custom projects has been honed over the past thirteen years into four seamless steps. We work with homeowners who have specific visions for their spaces, as well as established design firms looking to complete an aesthetic.

Step 1: Once you get in touch, we’ll embark on a series of phone calls and emails to discuss the scope of your project in depth.If you are able to visit our showroom in Brooklyn to see the products in person, we would love to have you.

We’ll extract your must-haves and desires for your new fixture. Particular design styles, colors, or finishes, as well as structural site-specific details such as beams, lift systems or electrical requirements should be discussed at this time.

This is the time to share photos, videos, drawings, or any other sources of inspiration with your product specialist.

Step 2: Seeing it Take Form...Through collaboration with you, our skilled engineers are able to draft a structurally sound design that surpasses your desires.

Your ideas start to come to life as we present you with a 3D rendering of your custom fixture, along with pricing and specifications for your approval. Any changes to the concept or design must be finalized.

Step 3: Careful Hand-Crafting… Upon final approval, we’ll begin creating your exciting, distinctive fixture.

With wondrous skill, one of our talented artisans will command the glass into the shapes you envisioned, canopies will be fabricated, and finishing touches plus final assembly will be done by our engineers and craftsmen at our Brooklyn studio.

Step 4: Just-As-Careful Packaging…Once safely packaged, your order will be shipped to you domestically or internationally and will arrive at your site ready for easy installation. Our fixtures ship in custom boxes and every precaution is taken to make sure they arrive in perfect condition.

Designed for easy assembly and maintenance, our pieces are made to last and become heirlooms.

What is your best selling fixture or collection?

I would say that our best selling fixture is the Kadur Drizzle.

This is an intricate design that works very well with different spaces such as foyers, staircase, dining room, and kitchen island. With several different color options to choose from, the clients have the opportunity to customize the fixture to what fits their space best.

What are the plans for Shakūff for the coming years?

The plan for Shakūff is to grow our space and have our own building so that we are able to design and manufacture everything under one roof. I would like to expand the Shakūff team and collaborate with more designers and artisans.

Tell us about Journey.

Journey is a purebred Labrador. He was born in Colorado to a father who won dog competitions for his manner and looks and to a mother who is a service dog. It took our family a long “journey” to find a dog which would be a good fit for our family as well as a dog who is well mannered. Journey is a very friendly, calm, and welcoming dog. He is part of my family as well as the Shakūff team.


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