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Sharp Edge Beauty

"Every painting is a voyage into a sacred harbour."

-Giotto di Bondone

As we decorate a new home or revive an old one, there is always that blank wall screaming for a centerpiece that will draw in admiration and compliments... it's speaks about your character and whether or not you have exquisite taste. In a world that is about indecisive beauty: the blob of paint that was so unstrategically splattered across that white canvas and then are mosaics, abstracts; beauty that requires contemplation with no definite sense of warmth or visible seduction. This month's article is about true beauty, one that captures you at first glance, beauty that transcends a current moment and takes you softly to a harbour of peace, and appreciation for a realistic replication of a magnificent view that another's eyes had beheld.

More so, anyone can paint a pretty picture hence why art galleries are full, but it takes a true artist, a visionary, a crafter to paint with emotion. It takes a true man to dominate the world of colours and add a flair of delicate hues with every stroke of his utensil of choice. Where do you find such an artist? Tucked away in valley far far away, where nature is his muse, the sounds of serenity his soul rhythm. Lorne McDermott is a profound artist with a touch that trendy art could never compare too. Not only does he use water based oils in order to be environmentally friendly, but he makes beauty with the sharp edges of knives, precision that will slice its way into your heart radiating while it speaks of sophistication, luxury, uniqueness yet oozing a tenderness that will make the walls of a house feel like home.

"Art is about the transfer of emotions from the artist, through the art work, to the viewer."

Lorne is a man that is poetically free and that freedom, that passion, his ability to paint with such emotion whether it's a painting of a foggy night or a winter delight leaps right off the canvas as though for a moment you experienced what he did... that freedom to breath in a stunning scenery that should be captured and relived he does so palatially. Mr. McDermott says "Art is about the transfer of emotions from the artist, through the art work, to the viewer. The journey starts with what an artist feels and ends with what the audience feels. What separates one artist from another is their passion. That fire inside that drives you to become one with not just your subject, but with your vision of what you will create upon completion. What the eye sees, the mind translates, the heart feels and the artist, with brush in hand, creates."





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