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Sherle Wagner International - Premier Hardware and Bath Accessories

Sherle Wagner International has been the premier source, world-wide, for luxury hardware and bath accessories since its founding in 1945. The Company is a heritage brand, now operated by the family’s third generation, and is known for its incomparable craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Mr. Wagner elevated previously overlooked design spaces, such as the bath, to an elegance not previously found on the market. First offering an exquisite dolphin faucet with a 24-karat gold finish, Mr. Wagner’s goal was to provide a discerning clientele the opportunity to “complete the ultimate luxury bathroom.”

Mr. Wagner maintained a great appreciation for art and architecture throughout his life. His finely trained and sensitive eye established the foundation for the company’s aesthetic, which is now synonymous with the finest in taste and craftsmanship. Sherle Wagner International products have graced the finest residences, yachts, and planes for the past 75 years.

Sherle Wagner International offers a wide range of styles. Collections include the highly detailed masterpieces of the company’s origins, through the innovative minimalism of the mid-century, to the most contemporary styles. The vast options of metal finishes and stone and ceramic elements enable any designer or client to find the perfect items for any project or home.

Sherle Wagner International offers a wide range of products, which extends beyond the bath. Products include Bath Fittings such as faucet sets, bar sets, and tub and shower systems; Bath Accessories such as shelves, towels bars, hooks, and countertop accessories; Bath Fixtures such as sinks, counters, pedestals, and tubs; Hardware such as door knobs and levers, hinges, knobs, and pulls; and Lighting such as ceiling lights and chandeliers, sconces, and table lamps.

Sherle Wagner International operates its own domestic factory in Massachusetts. The skilled artisans at the factory combine old-world techniques with the newest most cutting edge technology. Products are cast in solid brass, and hand plated and hand finished, accomplishing jewelry-grade detail. Sherle Wagner artisans also include ceramicists, painters, and metal-workers. Because Sherle Wagner International handles its own design, development, and manufacturing, the company is able to offer extensive custom services.

Materials and Finishes

Sherle Wagner International uses the finest materials. The company offers nineteen metal finishes, including fine metals such as 24-carat gold and platinum. Many products have the option of genuine semiprecious stone elements, such as Lapis Lazuli, Malachite, Tiger’s Eye, and Rock Crystal. Ceramics are offered in twenty-three solid glaze colors, as well as hand decorated, hand painted, and gold and platinum banded.

Sherle Wagner International’s collections include many of the original designs, including modern fittings first designed by Sherle Wagner himself during the Mid-Century. But the company continues to introduce new collections, keeping up with the desires of today’s client and often exceeding them.

Keystone Collection

The Keystone Collection embodies the principles of style and quality that are the crux of all Sherle Wagner International creations. Its tapering elements allude to the voussoirs of arches, which provide strength and support to an architectural structure. The collection includes faucet sets and other fittings, accessories, and hardware. The Keystone is available in all nineteen metal finishes, and with optional semi-precious stone inserts.

Dorian Collection

The Dorian Collection references the tapered columns of classical Greek design, smoothing and modernizing them to meet the desires of today’s designer or homeowner. Its sleek silhouette flatters any setting, and transcends trend. The collection includes faucet sets and other fittings, accessories, and hardware. The Dorian is available in all nineteen metal finishes, and with optional semi-precious stone and ceramic inserts. Dorian levers are available with handles in semi-precious stone, hand glazed ceramic, and cut crystal.

Exciting new lines of ceramic lighting and countertop accessories are forthcoming…stay tuned!


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