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Sintor-The Worlds First & Best Supertruck

A legendary company from the start, Sintor Trucks was founded from the pursuit of the perfect balance of performance and style in a diesel powered truck. The founders of Sintor have deep roots in the automotive industry and have always felt a void in the luxury truck market. Sintor started as a concept to wow both the truck community and the supercar community. Their mission was to build the world’s first Supertruck.

One of the essential steps in any project is the foundation. The Ford SuperDuty was the ideal platform to build the first Sintor. The 6.7L Powerstroke engine is extremely reliable and has the torque to pull up to 30,000 pounds.

A carbon fiber hood scoop and grille complete the aggressive look that everyone desires in a SuperTruck. Why Carbon Fiber? When Carbon Fiber is mixed with the correct epoxy resins, it is many times stronger than metal. Not only is Carbon Fiber stronger than metal and fiberglass, it’s also incredibly light. This is why manufacturers of everything from airplanes to boats are embracing carbon fiber over metal or fiberglass alternatives.

Elevated asked Brian George, the Founder fo Sintor Trucks, a few questions to dive deeper into what it mean to build and buy a Sintor Truck.

Elevated: What defines a Sintor Truck?

Brian George: The massive 46” tires mixed with Ford Raptor styling utilizing our carbon fiber fenders. When we set out to build a Sintor not only did it have to look like a show piece it had to perform too. We drive our stuff and we drive them hard. We wanted Sintor to do well on all elements of on and off road.

What is the process of building a Sintor from a Ford Super Duty truck?

We take a stock F250,350 0r 450 strip it down to the cab, engine, trans and frame, then build it back from there. Virtually every piece of the axles and suspension is either replaced or modified. Bigger brakes, coil over conversion, regearing, widened rear axles, etc.

From the suspension we move on to the body. To make the truck more proportioned and to fit that “Raptor” theme, the headlights are pushed out about 6”. This requires a whole new sub frame to be fabricated and installed. Once all the framework has been done the truck is sent off to body and paint. Most builds are a factory paint match but we can and have done full body color changes. Once it comes back from the body and paint all the fun stuff gets installed, wheels, tires, lights, bumpers etc. Once everything is installed and our safety inspections are complete, the truck gets road tested and then delivered to the customer.

The entire build process takes about 90 days depending on options.

Tell us about the suspension on a Sintor Truck.

In addition to every Sintor using a F450 front axle, our Sintor suspension uses Fox Coil Over shocks (Kings are optional). The front end comes standard with 2.5 Coil Over Shocks and 2.5 bypass shocks are on all 4 corners. In the rear, we use a soft rate leaf spring setup giving you a substantially smoother ride and if you match that with our optional long travel airbags, it will maintain close to factory towing specs.

What has been one of your favorite builds?

We get asked this a lot. I always say….the next one. We love creating, building and pushing the envelope on every build the wilder and more outside the box the better.

What are some future projects you’re excited about?

Two specifically come to mind. We are in the process of developing an Overland Sintor build. The second would be a build a previous customer has commissioned us to build. Unfortunately, we have to keep it under wraps until SEMA but we are really excited to show it off when it’s done!


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