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Staging a Home for a Wealthy Real Estate Buyer

Staging a home is an art. However, poor staging will ensure your listing stays on the market forever if not done correctly. Here are some tips when staging for a wealthy real estate buyer.

Add Plenty of Fresh Flowers and Greenery

Everyone loves nature, and you should make an effort to use natural materials if you renovate your home. Yet fabrics and textures aside, you can really make an inspired impression by incorporating nature into your staging. A whitewashed mezzanine area with ocean views is magic when broken with deep red lilies. And where would an ocean apartment be without greenery? Suppose you’re staging a home on the ocean. Then a quick visit to a boutique plant store offers all you need to accentuate views of the shimmering water and sunsets.

Keep Windows Clear

Most staging experts will tell you to never construct windows. Especially ones with a view to offer. Buyers are keen to look out of windows to see what they are getting. And a sale can be made based on a stunning view alone. Most multi-million dollar properties offer unique views that many would almost kill for. For example, a New England homestead might come with a cozy bay window nook in your bedroom. Or your New Your apartment offers glorious vistas of Times Square through floor-to-ceiling panes. Entice a buyer by letting them admire the view.

A Wealthy Real Estate Buyer Likes Space

Nobody likes to feel cooped up. And wealthy buyers are no different. Yet the difference between a rich client and someone who isn’t is that they can and will pay for the feeling of more space. But even $10 million homes can feel cramped. Here are some tips to maximize space:

  • Hang floor-to-ceiling drapery in cozy rooms to make the room appear taller.

  • Use oversized mirrors to give the illusion of space and bounce natural light.

  • Position low-profile neutral furniture to make open space seem larger and higher.

You can always create the illusion of more space than there actually is with some strategic placements. And given that space is at a premium these days, even a wealthy buyer might be looking for something glamorous yet not overly large.

If you are looking for a real estate company that understands the needs of wealthy buyers, consider working with eXp Realty.

Make the Bedroom a Luxury Lounge

A stylish and elegant master bedroom can be a major selling point of any home. When you want to entice a buyer, you must pay attention to the main bedroom. Begin by making it more attractive and appealing. One of the simplest ways to do this is by creating a more functional space made for more than sleeping. For instance, you can style the room to make it feel more like a lounge with some carefully placed furniture. Perhaps a corner seat offset next to the bedroom window. Or a curved sofa carefully placed in front of the bedroom fireplace.

Continue the Luxury into the Bathroom

Buyers with money to spend on luxuries expect it to extend across the property you are selling. And this includes private functional areas such as the bedroom, walk-in closet, and bathroom. While there isn’t much, you can do about a bathroom without renovation. You can significantly improve appeal by placing luxury bath products as part of your staging strategy. Go all out on this one, and spare no expense on items such as bathrobes, towels, and toiletries. Use white as much as possible to suggest hygiene, and arrange items according to design rules.


A wealthy real estate buyer is more discerning than most. However, you can increase the chances of a sale with fresh flowers and plants, the illusion of space, and heightened luxury.


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