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Style and comfort: How to achieve a high fashion look with sweats

Loungewear has become an acceptable fashion choice for everyday wear in recent years, for those craving comfort but desiring a chic and elegant look - when styled correctly, sweatpants can be a great option. There are a plethora of options to consider, from more relaxed loose-fit sweatpants to tailored, slim-fit and cuffed variations. 


We explore how to best achieve a high fashion look using sweats, including what fabrics, colors, and fits to try and what items to pair with your pants for a truly elevated look. 


Here is what you need to know:


The quality of fabric is important


With any high fashion look, the quality of the materials really does make a difference. You will want to either choose sweatpants made from high quality cotton blends or premium fabrics like silk. Luxurious fabrics improve the aesthetic. 


When washing these fabrics, be sure to pay close attention to the washing and drying guidance on the label as improper care could impact the longevity or the appearance of the sweatpants. 


Tailoring should be embraced


For a sharp and distinguished look tailored sweatpants should be the go-to choice. While comfortable, straight-line tailoring allows these sweats to be appropriate smart casual wear for the office or out for dinner.


Little details such as zippers or pleats can enhance sweats. High waisted versions of these pants can create an interesting silhouette and accentuate the waist too.


Play with proportions


You may wish to experiment with different proportions, for example a pair of loose-fit sweatpants can be balanced with a fitted t-shirt or vest top. A structured blazer or jacket on top can help to tie to different elements together for a high fashion style. 


For women’s sweatpants, a pair of high heels can help to formalize an outfit with sweatpants and create a more polished appearance. Crisp white trainers or mules are a good alternative for those with a preference for flat shoes. 


A neutral color palette provides effortless elegance 


Sticking to neutral or monochrome colors is a safe bet for a high fashion, elegant vibe for both men’s and women’s sweats. Jada Pinkett Smith has shown just how fabulous neutral sweats can look, she has been seen sporting cream high waist belted sweatpants with a cream knitted turtleneck and white belted trench coat.


Matching neutral pants with the same colored top will look sleek and sophisticated, to add more depth to an outfit you may also wish to experiment with different textures. 


Layering can add depth and sophistication 


Layering different pieces is another way to give a sweatpants outfit more depth and elegance. However, there is a right way to achieve layering, as incompatible layers can look clumsy and not well put together. 


For example, sweatpants with a tailored shirt and a structured coat. During the cooler months, fine knit sweaters can add warmth and coziness while still achieving a high fashion look. 


Accessories are key for high fashion looks


For both men and women, accessorizing a sweatpants outfit is key for a fashion forward style. For a more feminine finish, delicate pieces such as dainty necklaces and earrings, or a silk scarf, or hair embellishment are good options. Statement handbags and oversized sunglasses can work too. 


Think about how different parts of the outfit can match. For instance, a blue beanie hat could match blue sweatpants or a blue bag. Accessories might stand out more if you have opted for neutral toned sweats. Gold jewelry and gold sandals or heels will look particularly sophisticated and stylish against a cream sweat suit. 


While sweatpants may not be the most obvious piece in your wardrobe when looking for a high fashion outfit, they are a very comfortable and versatile style that can be dressed up or down for all kinds of different occasions. All it takes is a perfectly paired top and accessories. 


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