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Fast & Luxurious

Where do you find the most affluent, most powerful, globetrotting, adrenaline seeking people in the world? Most likely speeding around exotic and world renowned locations in fancy cars, as members of the world’s most exclusive supercars club, Supercars Club Arabia (SCA). Founded in the Kingdom of Bahrain, Supercars Club Arabia has gained a huge global networking community, all of which whom share the passion for luxury vehicles, and for driving fast. SCA Vice President, Auf Al Delaimi, explains the club, “it’s different to each one of us, to some it’s an extended family, to some it’s the much needed time to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. We meet new people, we experience new cultures and languages, and we make wonderful new friends and expand our global network.” This club is the epitome of luxury, and maintains its exclusivity by accepting a short list of vehicles. For the first time, SCA will host a tour in the U.S., traveling up and down Southern California’s coast, culminating in a Las Vegas for the grand finale. The ultra high net-worth members, driving over $10 million worth of supercars, not only share a passion for cars, but for the finer things in life. SCA ensures that their members’ high expectations are exceeded by impeccably organizing every last detail of the 3000 km thirteen day journey. From professional photographers capturing the perfect Instagram to luggage transportation, members don’t have to worry about a thing except for showing up.



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