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The 4 Top Luxury Destinations To Buy A House in 2023

The 4 Top Luxury Destinations To Buy A House In 2023

Location, location, and location are the three influencing factors to consider when buying a house. The location can impact the price of the property when you purchase it and when you sell it. Highly desirable locations will come with a higher price tag to reflect the demand for wanting to live in these affluent areas. Multiple other factors also explain why an area is considered a good location.

For those looking to purchase a home, finding a property in a luxury destination might be something you have debated for a while and now have decided to move forward on this decision. To help you with this decision, we have cultivated a list of the top four luxury destinations to buy a house this year.

Beverly Hills, California

When we think of luxury properties and premier locations, Beverly Hills, California, certainly features highly on the list. Renowned for being of the most affluent neighborhoods in America, properties in Beverly Hills are valued highly but retain, if not increase, their value over time. If choosing to invest in a luxury property in a luxury destination, Beverly Hills should be a contender. With the potential to hold its value over time, you could invest in a property, live there for a while, and then sell it when the demand intensifies.

Of course, Beverly Hills is also considered an excellent place to live. Close to exceptional schools and amenities, the area is ideal for those who want to live somewhere luxurious. As such, if you do not plan to move, Beverly Hills is a great place to settle down.

Lahaina, Hawaii

Rich in history and culture, Lahaina, Hawaii, is one of Maui's most popular beach towns. Lahaina is home to sunshine all year round, with striking views and plenty of activities to keep residents entertained. Despite being separated from other parts of the island, you can find everything you need to live comfortably in Lahaina, enjoying various activities, events, and restaurants.

As for the properties, plenty of Lahaina homes for sale exude luxury. Lahaina real estate is a desirable commodity, so investing in a Lahaina home should certainly be something you consider, especially if you want to live in a luxury destination. To help you find a property, work with Lahaina realtors at the ‘Ohana Real Estate Team. Their years of experience and knowledge of Lahaina homes help them uncover and find properties in Lahaina that match your requirements and more!

Kahala, Honolulu, Hawaii

Another spot in Hawaii that is a luxury destination worth considering is Kahala, Honolulu. This idyllic spot on O'ahu Island is home to some excellent schools and luxury properties, but it also boasts a low crime rate – perfect for families! Kahala has plenty of properties, whether you are looking for a condo or a house.

Once again, location is crucial when investing in property. Investing in a Kahala property could be worthwhile – whether or not you choose to live there. Offering a selection of amenities, parks, good schools, and stunning views, Kahala has become a desirable place to live, especially among families. If you are looking for a luxury destination for your family or want to invest in a property to rent to families, Kahala should be somewhere to consider, especially with the range of luxury homes to choose from!

Tribeca, New York

Like Beverly Hills, when we think of luxury destinations, Tribeca will be sitting high on that list. Real estate in New York is an appealing topic to many, particularly luxury real estate. Trying to understand and learn everything there is to know about real estate in New York can seem like a puzzle to many. However, the primary reason why properties in New York are high in price is that it is a desirable location, especially in Tribeca.

Real estate in Tribeca grows increasingly more desirable every year. Known for its luxury accommodation, Tribeca is viewed as one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in New York, and it is understandable why! The local amenities include a bustling art scene and designer stores like Prada and Gucci. Tribeca combines the perks of living in a big city, such as proximity to plenty of entertainment options, with the benefits of being in a quiet neighborhood. Over the years, it has become a beloved place to live, reflected in the rising property prices.

Choosing The Location For You

This is just a sampling of luxury destinations that are worth considering. Of course, there are plenty of destinations in states closer to you that you might prefer. However, these are some of the spots more people choose to reside in and call home, whilst others are investing in property to help diversify their portfolio. Whichever option you choose, each one could make the perfect next home.


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