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The Benefits of Owning A French Door Refrigerator

Refrigerators come in many different shapes, styles, and sizes. Through their development over the years, several models have become industry favorites, including the chic French door refrigerator, one of the hottest trending designs in kitchen appliances. 

Making the switch to French door fridges may seem like a costly investment to make. However, the numerous benefits that come with this stylish and well-designed appliance make it a worthwhile purchase for any home.

Flexible Storage Solutions

One of the most frustrating parts of selecting a refrigerator is ensuring the option you choose will be able to store everything you need properly. It is difficult to store large boxes in side-by-side models as you only have half of the standard width with which to work while swinging food freezers tend to do a poor job of stacking boxes and bags of frozen foods. French door fridges do an excellent job of offering you a range of versatile options to effectively organize and store your groceries in a way that suits you best. 

The internal connected space means you can use the entire fridge width to store large items like party platters or food boxes or insert smaller food containers to better separate and store produce. The adjustable shelves and drawers can be moved easily and rearranged to accommodate any item you have, reducing wasted space. 

Most freezers are designed with deep drawers and multiple levels, with sliding drawers or baskets on the top. This gives you a convenient place to store products you use more frequently while less frequently used items sit underneath. Finally, the drawer design means you won’t have to worry about frozen food toppling out of the freezer whenever you open the door. 

Energy Conservation

Environmental consciousness is one of the biggest concerns for people worldwide. Finding effective ways to reduce carbon footprints and make homes more energy-efficient is a goal of many homeowners, as it not only fulfills their responsibility to be more environmentally friendly but can also help them save a considerable amount on their monthly energy bills. 

Every time you open the fridge, you let cold air out, which causes your fridge to use energy to return to the correct temperature once the door is closed. With French-door models, you only need to open one half of the refrigerator at a time, which allows for more cold air to stay inside. 

For further convenience, select a model with a separate middle drawer that can be used to store frequently used items, like fruits, snacks, and drinks, which further reduces the need to open the main fridge area. 

Better Space Management

French door refrigerators do a fantastic job of making smaller kitchens feel and look bigger and prevent bigger kitchens from feeling cluttered or disjointed. Their clever double-door design utilized the best features of side-by-side layouts, which include narrow doors that don’t swing out as far as traditional full-width models, leaving more open space in front of the appliance to move around. This is particularly beneficial for smaller kitchens and kitchens with an island, as an open fridge won’t block traffic flow. 

Furthermore, despite the doors taking up less space, you are not sacrificing any of the internal refrigeration space you want or need because it is a full-sized appliance. The doors will also not be as heavy as a single door, especially once they have been filled with products. 

Efficient Layout & Accessibility

The standard French door layout is ideally suited for those who access their fridges more than the freezer. Moving the freezer section to the bottom moves the general fridge section up to waist and chest height, making it easier to see and access the various shelves and drawers of produce and products you have. This allows you to organize your fridge better and keep track of expiration dates. 

While most French door fridges have single freezer drawers at the bottom of the appliances, allowing you to see your products from above, some models have been designed to include multiple freezer drawers for better storage options and easier access to your food. 

Timeless Design

French door fridges add a unique design feature to any kitchen style. They are sleek and shiny enough to effortlessly mesh into a modern or industrial-styled kitchen but still retain an elegant beauty that suits more traditional designs. 

Thanks to a wide range of different colors and finishes, there is a French door style perfectly suited for any home, further supporting their immense popularity worldwide. Additionally, you can opt for additional extras, including external digital temperature controls, door bins, a door alarm, stylish LED lighting, Wi-Fi capabilities, and an in-door TV. 

Something to Consider

Although the price of French door refrigerators has dropped in recent years, it is important to note that they are still on the pricier side of appliances, especially if you want all the bells and whistles. 

While the standard model price tends to hover between $1,400 and $2,000, the price does increase significantly once you begin to add extra features like smart home capabilities, door finishes, or the extra large size, to name a few. 


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