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The Cotton House - Mustique

By Compass + Twine

We’ve long believed that the hardest places to get to are usually the ones we’re most blown away by. Mustique is no exception to that rule. It takes most Americans 3 flights to arrive on the island and it’s worth every connection. Set right on the shores of Endeavor Bay, The Cotton House property is spread across 13 acres of lush, tropical gardens. With a variety of accommodation types, it’s a lovely choice for both couples and families. The PawPaw cottage, just a short walk from the Great Room, is a dreamy room choice if you’re able to snag it. The bubblegum pink cottage consisted of a king bedroom with a charming sitting area, a large walk-thru closet and a pretty spacious bathroom with a shower and double vanity.

Morning and evening meals are enjoyed on the porch of the Main Lodge at the Veranda Restaurant. The bright, cheerful colors and beautiful views make the breakfast and dinner, which are delicious, taste even better. The most important part of the meal, though? The water gun at your table. Use it at will to fend off greedy little birds who will attempt to steal nibbles of your eggs Benedict every chance they get.

A short stroll from the Main Lodge is a beautiful white sand beach hugged by Endeavor Bay. There you’ll find plenty of beach loungers, a tiki bar, a lunch time restaurant and ice cream parlor, and stunning views at the ocean’s edge. The water is stunning shades of cerulean, navy and cadet blue with waves just big enough to give you a gentle push while you float.

The Beach Cafe is a lovely atmosphere in which to enjoy lunch, and you’ll likely be surrounded by island locals as well as other hotel guests. However, if you’re looking for something a bit more secluded, the hotel will arrange a beach picnic for you. They will set it up butler style or leave it for you to unpack at one of several cabanas available near Lagoon Bay.

Whether you plan to enjoy dinner in town or at the Veranda Restaurant, be sure to pop down to the Beach Cafe tiki bar for a sunset cocktail. The vibe on the island is so laid back and chill – you’ll forget Mustique is home to a gaggle of celebrities looking to escape the paparazzi - you’ll watch the ocean swallow the sun to the sound of reggae music, glasses clinking, and laughter from other guests. It truly is the best way to end a perfect day on the island.

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