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The Factors That Affect Property Valuation

You have decided to buy a house or apartment, or you may have decided to sell your property. The hardest part and where you can go wrong the most, is the price. It is difficult for you to determine the price because you look at things in a different sentimental way than the buyer, so disagreements always happen. Too high and overestimated price leads to the fact that your property sits with you and costs you, and no one wants to buy it at that price. At the same time, there are cases where someone sells their gold property for several times the lower price and regrets the rest of his life because he did not know what was valued on the market. This short guide will help you understand the basic things you need to pay attention to when buying or selling your property.


In many cases, a small one-story house with a yard can cost much more than a huge, beautiful villa. This is precisely what the location has the greatest influence on. A property in the center of a densely populated city is a lure for all real estate buyers because everyone knows that there is a lot of profit from it that they can take advantage of, unlike those located in the countryside, which are unfortunately slowly dying out. You have to pay attention to the current tourist and political trends because someone may have decided to open a big tourist destination in the village where you want to sell your property, such as a resort with many hotels. There are also situations where the state or local self-government wants to buy some property in the countryside for the construction of a road or railway that will connect cities. Such buyers can sell your home for a much higher price than those who have decided to buy your property only to use it as a holiday home. So pay attention to all the possible things that could happen that would have a significant impact on your price. Try to predict events that will be realistic, but not to fantasize.

The condition of your property

New and old are not the same at all. The buyer will, of course, examine in detail the complete offer you give, so he will pay attention to even the smallest nail hole, on the basis of which everything will affect the price. To avoid struggling with mathematics, economics, and the law, more and more people use the services of a real estate agent. They perform the valuation of a property and save you a lot of time. Someone who buys your land will not pay much attention to what is on it because their goal will be to tear it down and build something else, while someone who wants to live in your home will pay attention to everything in detail. The materials from which the property is built, whether the base is on a flat or hilly place, all affect the price, and you should pay special attention to everything. Many sellers decide to renovate their property before putting it on the market. That renovation doesn't have to be significant. This has proven to be an effective method because buyers will be able to see their future home in a more beautiful version and realize that changes and adaptations can still be made there.

Global changes

It is certainly difficult to overlook global events over which we have no influence. Everything should be taken into account because, lately, there have been many significant changes in the world that affect the price of everything, especially real estate. For example, large migration crises lead to the price of apartments and houses growing rapidly in the countries where this happens. This can cause a lot of problems if you are a person who wants to buy someone's property and encounters much higher prices than a few months ago. It is clear that the price that the market directs increases with demand. Also, during the COVID pandemic, property sellers faced a significant drop in demand for a longer period of time than expected. It may be impossible to predict events, but you can make a crisis plan to which you can react at the right moment and see potential solutions.


Peace is something we all strive for, so we certainly don't want to spend the rest of our lives next to troublesome neighbors who can cause us a lot of problems and upset us. The most desirable are quiet family neighborhoods where children can play in a safe place without heavy traffic. This, of course, applies to those who want to start a nice family life, although even if our work is our focus, circumstances can also lead us to apartments in larger cities. Of course, that's fine, and if we think that our neighbors don't play a big role, that's not entirely true. We will feel much better in an environment where everyone greets us nicely and wants to help us when our hands are full of bags. So don't be surprised when a buyer knocks on the neighborhood door and wants to meet the neighbors before buying your property. It is also interesting that if a celebrity lives near you, it can raise the price of your property because their fans will not wait to live near them. This also applies to the fact that you own the property of a famous person or scientist who lived there before you.

Consider these four things when you get into this kind of business. The real estate market is a struggle, but you'll be hooked once you're in it. Of course, decisions are not easy when it comes to a larger way of trading, but they must be made. A good thing is the desire for information, support, and advice, which we can get in various ways. We hope we've helped you make the best possible decision and made the factors that greatly contribute to the value of real estate property more comprehensive.


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