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The Green Factors Appealing To A Luxury Property Audience

When investing in luxury real estate, it’s always important to consider the trends of the moment that are affecting purchasing decisions amongst your target audience. One such trend that has become increasingly prevalent over the past decade is that of eco-friendliness. Both new builds and renovations are becoming more widely focused on creating a house that is more renewable, less wasteful, and better blends with its environment. Here are a few green hacks for your property that might help you make it more appealing to those with green-tinted glasses.

A green area

The location of the property is always going to be a key factor and this is just as true when it comes to the eco-friendliness of the location that you choose for it as well. For instance, if you’re building new properties, then building near things like farmland, wetlands, and woodlands could work against you, as the home could be linked to the ongoing erosion of some of the more sensitive habitats. Consider only putting your money in properties that are a good distance away from some of these key conservation areas.

Be mindful of the materials you use

If you’re building or renovating spaces, then you should give a second thought to how you do it. You can find and work with crews of eco-friendly contractors who take the extra step to work with nontoxic and non-wasteful materials. If you can find your building materials organic and sustainably sourced, this can become quite a big selling point for the property. There are potentially toxic materials in everything from furniture to kitchenware as well and, while you might not be as likely to fill the property with as much of these in the property market, you should keep an eye out for them.

Get sustainable with your energy

Aside from the construction of the property itself, one of the single best things you can do to make a home more sustainable and eco-friendly is to give it a source of renewable energy. Working with solar energy companies to install panels on the property is the single best option when it’s available. The amount of energy provided by panels can help you not only cut down the home’s reliance on fossil fuels but also has some investment potential, as any surplus energy generated can usually be sold back to the grid.

Making renovations with efficiency in mind

If you’re looking at renovating a property to better suit it to a luxury market, then you should also be looking at what you can do to make it more sustainable and reliable. This can include the introduction of eco-friendly HVAC systems, changing for more efficient appliances, or even installing something like bicycle facilities so that people who are more inclined to pedal their way to work can see that the home is clearly suited to their lifestyle. The latter can be particularly effective in rentals.

People have shown that they are willing to pay more for a greener property. Consider which of these factors you can introduce to yours.


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