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The Pizza Girl Grill - Caroline D'Amore

Caroline D’Amore, who you may have recently seen starring and stirring the pot on Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars on Fox, has worked tirelessly to make her dream of Pizza Girl come to life, and she has been doing just that by building an incredible empire. Her Pizza Girl sauce brand can be found at all the top supermarkets nationwide, from Erewhon to Albertson’s to Bristol Farms, and now she introduces her first brand expansion, the Pizza Girl Grill, after much anticipation and inspiration from Gordon Ramsay himself.

The Pizza Grill by Pizza Girl is the ultimate upgrade for easy homemade pizza at home.  Her compact, lightweight countertop designed pizza grill is sure to be a game changer for her brand, and consumers alike. It features top and bottom heating elements, paired with a ceramic stone base, allowing consumers to make perfect pizza in under 5 minutes with minimal effort, up to 12 inches in diameter. Dual heating controls mean you can adjust for crispy or chewy on the bottom and bubbly on top. Visit to order and to learn more.

D'Amore, a former model, actress and DJ, grew up in Malibu as one of 4 daughters of the D'Amores Pizza Family. Cooking and sharing her chef skills were always top of mind for her, a passion she had as a young girl. Her Grandmother taught her the value of the "sauce" as the secret to all Italian cooking. She used her pasta sauce in everything! Caroline took what she knew best and made it her own to share with a new generation of home cooks, reimagining these recipes and adding her own touch, with the launch of her Pizza Girl Sauces, a journey she began 5 years ago. They are 100% organic made from the finest ingredients to offer customers a clean, delicious product, packed with flavor and good for your diet. Her sauces can now be found in over 2,000 stores, plus her ecommerce platform, and D’Amore can be seen doing appearances all over the country, meeting with customers during in-store demos, tasting events and food fairs - a true entrepreneur. 


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