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Top 5 Campus Christmas Party Ideas: Sparking Festive Joy for Students

When you are lost for ideas for Christmas, you can already feel happy as you think that you no longer have to spend all your time inside and have a chance to get creative. One of the best ways to add sparkling festive joy to your campus is to get together with your friends and think about creating a fairytale as you go back to your childhood times or create something futuristic by using technology. Let’s see what can be done to make everyone smile and feel the joy! 

Top 5 Campus Christmas Party Ideas 

1. Hosting a Game Night. 

Nothing beats coming up with a trivia game or playing some board games like in the good old times of childhood. Think about what you liked the most and make a list of all the classics. It will help to keep everyone inspired and eager to participate. If you need to write some manuals or create a presentation for that, consider Ukwritings as one of the best legitimate ways to achieve that. If you add some writing and special cards to the mix, it will feel even more special. 

2. Create a Christmas Talents Show. 

If you want to get everyone on campus creative and showcase their skills, one of the best solutions is to host a talent show where people can play musical instruments, sing songs, or come up with creative and comedy storytelling. You can even make a list of performers and sing both Christmas and popular songs to make things even more interesting and varied. If you'd rather not turn it into a competition, consider a fun karaoke night instead. You can visit the Gangnam dalto official website or a similar site to see what's available and find somewhere fun. It's perfect for those who don't feel confident enough to sing on stage and it can also be a great way to meet new people as you duet on the songs you know.

3. Exchange Gifts by Telling Stories. 

Speaking of storytelling, consider doing things the way they do in the Netherlands and Belgium as they celebrate the Sinterklaas. The trick is to exchange gifts but always tell a story and add surprises to each gift to let people see how the gift reflects their personality. It is where things truly get fun, so give it a good thought! 

4. Organize a Christmas Movie Trivia Night. 

How about watching a list of Christmas movies and playing a movie trivia night? You can either make a list of clips from each movie or even a list of phrases or songs to help people guess. It is one of the most inspiring and great ways to spend Christmas on campus and have some good old fun! 

5. Decide on a Menu and Dance Playlist. 

Now, it is always possible to go the classic way and come up with a delicious and festive menu with cocktails and a playlist to dance around and have breaks for food and snacks as you just sit and chat. If you let every person on campus become responsible for a list of certain ingredients, you can exchange the menu and make more varied snacks and drinks by planning things ahead. As for the music, let the DJ among you take requests and make everyone feel happy! Also, you might want to set up an area for the dancing later since drinks and music usually lead to a regular old house party. You can either blast it through the big speakers or to silent disco headphones, either way, there are going to be a lot of moves busted later on the party.

You Can Always Go Retro!

If you are totally lost in ideas and do not have any funds to spend for the campus Christmas party, think about visiting your parents, grandparents, or just someone older than you are in the local community. Ask them for all the old classic items that they may have for a Christmas party! Why so? Think about organizing a retro Christmas party with all the old items and decorations! Starting with the old vinyl player to special dishes and old-time cocktails with dresses and hair makeup, you can truly travel back in time and keep things interesting with everyone involved!


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