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Triton Submarines - Pushing The Boundaries

Triton Submarines continues to push the boundaries of innovation and creativity in the civil submersible sector, introducing two milestone submersible models to their portfolio: the Triton 660/9 and 660/7 AVA – configurable subs featuring the word’s first free-form acrylic pressure hull. With an expansive, flexible interior space that can be re-configured to curate entertainment-focused, never-before-possible underwater experiences, from cocktails and casinos to weddings and private dining, activities are limited only by the owner’s imagination.

The Triton 660/9 and 660/7 AVA are the next great leap in underwater experiences and another example of Triton’s revolutionary design approach. These sleek and elegant submersibles will be able to dive up to 200 meters (660 feet) and will allow up to eight guests plus their pilot; or respectively, up to six passengers, plus the pilot, to share an exciting sensory dive experience. Aside from offering remarkable 360° panoramic views for all occupants including the pilot, unlike in the previous generation of dual-hulled subs where the pilot sits in the center with only a tiny viewport to look through -- the beauty of the Triton 660/9 and 660/7 AVA is the flexibility afforded by their ultra-large luxurious interior that can be easily configured between dives, turning the space into a venue equipped with generous seating, integrated lighting, a high-fidelity surround audio system and air-conditioning.

Another update to the design of the Triton 660/9 and 660/7 AVA is tied to ease of embarkation and debarkation. By eliminating the metal section of the previous design, guests no longer have to crawl through narrow spaces to get to their seats and can enjoy much richer, more fulfilling experiences as if they are sitting in a regular room, rather than a submersible.

In September 2021, Triton Submarines made their debut in the cruise market by securing a long-term partnership with Scenic, a long-standing leader in the luxury river cruise industry to supply a 660/9 AVA aboard the Scenic Eclipse II. While Scenic represents the first Triton 660/9 AVA acquired within the cruise ship industry, two further units have been acquired by clients within the model’s other core target sectors: one for a private yacht and a third for a boutique resort.

Images by Dark Ocean Design


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