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UnCruise Adventures - Time to Break Up the Boring

What does adventure cruising really mean? Let’s take a deep dive into the nature, camaraderie, and wildlife when sailing on small ships, how to experience it and what you have to look forward to with the return of travel. For some, adventure cruise travel is a new concept. And it’s a great way to stretch yourself, try new things and live aboard a small ship for 7-14 nights being the best you! Curious travelers seeking to get away from large crowds and larger ships are looking for opportunities to join multi-activity expedition cruises with daily inner-island discoveries. It can also be a socially distanced and much-needed vacation away from-the-crowds. So, pick a bucket-list destination and get up-close-and-personal with whales, wildlife, and native culture in places like Southeast Alaska, Hawaii, Costa Rica, and the Galapagos. Experience life on board with gorgeous scenic views from every cabin and a chance to experience some of the least populated areas throughout Alaska. Imagine two days in historic Glacier Bay kayaking next to ancient glaciers, hiking, and cruising through ice gardens. Then snuggling into your comfy bed in a ocean view cabin after a gourmet farm-to-table meal. Try it all, this is your adventure.

For many cruise lovers, setting sail is half the fun. The rest is packing full days of adventure into every experience. With expedition cruising there is a level of activity for every fitness level. Take it easy on the bow with hot tea or a custom cocktail, spend the day hard charging through the temperate rainforests of the A, B, C islands, skiffing for wildlife, bushwhacking to waterfalls, or checking an icy polar plunge off your bucket list. While onboard adventurers quickly find commonalities with one another—shared hobbies, travel experiences, career paths, sometimes even hometowns. Every guest's story is unique. And the individual journeys that brought each one on board is one of the remarkable things that makes our cruises so unforgettable—and unduplicatable. Sharing stories during morning coffee—albeit sometimes sleepily; over hors d'oeuvres during social hour; or making lifelong memories captaining a kayak together.

The experience also pairs you with well-trained guides and naturalists as part of your onboard expedition team. Think of them as your nature guides, whale whisperers and friendly teammates. They don’t call it [F]UnCruise Adventures for nothing. From your very first inquiry to your daily itinerary, you can expect personalized service and expertise, just another thing that sets adventure cruising apart from the rest.

Getting outdoors and into nature can be a reset for frazzled minds, fulfill a lifelong travel goal or provide reconnection with each generation of your family from grandkids to grandparents. So, join in with other stargazers picking out constellations in the night sky from the top deck, or enjoy the company of new different friends at mealtimes, mixing up the tables.

After seven adventure packed days you may return feeling like a new butterfly that has just emerged from its chrysalis. Suitably untangled and relaxed. Adventure cruising is more that just a trendy way to experience the outdoors, it’s comfortable luxury that also tick the check boxes on your bucket list.


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