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UnCruise - Explore Alaska

There’s more to Alaska than most travelers know. Pristine landscapes. Rarely surpassed beauty. Adventure. And what’s more adventurous than exploring the remote and rugged landscape of Alaska? In 25 years of creating small ship adventure cruises in the Alaskan outback, there are many reasons why it’s still one of our favorites.

True Southeast Alaskan’s love a real winter, and they are happy to welcome you into this otherworldly place stretching 500 miles along the Inside Passage. The stunning coastline offers amazing complexity, and diverse wildlife to experience from your kayak or the bow of our expedition ship. Each year guest’s onboard our small yacht style cruise ships capture those bucket list shot of bubble net feed humpback whales and brown bears awakening for Spring.

Travel to Alaska is more like being part of a once-in-a-lifetime travel club that just a cruise. That’s why we created the first winter cruise adventure for Alaska. One designed to give people a chance to experience winter sports and the northern lights up close and personal, both in the quaint ski town of Juneau and through the Alaskan outback via cross country skiing and snowshoeing near glaciers. Return to comfortable luxury onboard for warm conversation in the lounge and an even warmer hot toddy with a spectacular view.

Everyday is an excursion built around multi-activity itineraries for the adventurous soul. We go where the adventure is and work with our guest’s skill levels for our small 8-12 group daily adventures. This rare opportunity is the first 7-night winter cruise in Alaska. A place to see glaciers that are centuries old, wildlife that is rarely seen, and landscapes that are truly awe-inspiring. Awaken to snow reflected sunlight trickling through over a perfect cup of coffee ready to tackle, skiing, snowboarding, skating, hiking, heli-rides and cruising to Glacier Bay National Park. The list went goes on. But the best part is anticipation of seeing Northern Lights. Watching the weather closely for those perfect conditions in the darkest of skies. To capture those colors dancing across the sky will live on as memories that will be yours forever.

While most people only experience this beautiful area during the summer months, savvy travelers know that the wintertime is an amazing time to explore the outback. Now is the time to be dreaming of your Alaskan getaway. Feel inspired with true magic. This is no ordinary cruise. This is UnCruise Adventures.


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