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Reasons Smart Money Is Moving Towards Gold

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How’s Your Stock Portfolio Treating You Lately?

Many investors think they’re diversified if they own stocks in more than one sector – or maybe both stocks AND bonds. But with today’s economic reality, that may not be enough.

Tangible assets like gold and silver can act like insurance for the rest of your financial portfolio – helping to insulate your buying power from rising inflation and helping to reduce exposure to a volatile equities market.

The truth is, most investors just aren’t prepared for the next stock market crash, terror attack or political event that could throw our economy into a tailspin. With escalating trade wars, there’s no telling how badly our economy could be affected. That’s why right now could be the perfect time to invest in gold.

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Reasons Smart Money is Moving Toward Gold

  • Hedge Against Inflation By definition, as inflation rises, the value of currency falls. Over the long term, almost all currencies have depreciated in value relative to gold.

  • Safe-Haven Asset During Volatile Times A safe-haven asset like gold protects investors against major loss during a catastrophe.

  • Liquid Direct Investment Many investors buy gold to benefit from anticipated increases in the price of gold. As an asset with dwindling supply and consistent or growing demand, gold is expected by many to increase in price over time, regardless of macro-economic factors.

Diversify With Precious Metals

Every month at the U.S. Gold Bureau, we help thousands of investors learn about, and invest in, precious metals – which can be done both inside and outside of a retirement account.

When you make an acquisition using our company, we ship the coins or bars directly to you for safekeeping, or we can arrange for storage at the Texas Bullion Depository, the only state-administered precious metals storage facility in the nation.

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*Qualifying order must contain at least $5,000 in Investment Grade Coins. Ask your Account Executive for details. All investments involve risk – coins and bullion precious metals are no exception. Past performance is no guarantee of future returns.


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