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WeatherTech® FloorLiner™: The Art of Detail

Opening the door to a beautiful car, there’s nothing that quite compares to the craftsmanship of tonal stitching, sumptuous dyed-through leather and painstakingly book-matched grains of wood veneers. Inspired by this opulence and attention to detail, WeatherTech quickly recognized that high-end vehicles deserved aftermarket enhancements that not only protect but complement the interior aesthetic.

In short, WeatherTech noticed a white space in the auto market: the protective accessories available were poorly made and did not suit their luxurious environments. There had to be a better way, and WeatherTech had a blueprint to solve it. WeatherTech engineered the most advanced and bespoke concept in vehicle protection — the laser-measured FloorLiner™. Today, WeatherTech FloorLiner is the most recognized name in the category, synonymous with legendary protection and precision fit that is second to none.

Humble Beginnings More than thirty years ago, WeatherTech founder and CEO David MacNeil had a vision. He was dissatisfied with the quality of existing automotive floor mats in the United States, so he began importing floor mats directly from England. However, MacNeil quickly became convinced he could create a better product right here in America, using American materials, American machines and American workers. In 2007, he made the decision to shift production of his entire line of automotive accessories to America, opening facilities in the western suburbs of Chicago.

WeatherTech quickly expanded operations significantly, opening new facilities (11 in total, with the 12th currently in development), developing inventive and leading-edge products, all while creating jobs on U.S. soil. Today, WeatherTech’s product portfolio spans thousands of SKUs and applications, but FloorLiner remains its bestselling, most iconic product to date.

MacNeil once said, "When I walk into my local hardware store, I typically find 85% of the goods for sale are manufactured 7,000 miles away. At WeatherTech, we are doing our part for the American economy and for our 300 million fellow citizens and neighbors. My philosophy is that if my neighbor doesn’t have a job, sooner or later I won’t have a job either."

The Road to Greatness MacNeil’s mission has been unwavering since the company’s inception: to design durable, beautiful and well-engineered products that are coveted by auto enthusiasts. The design process for FloorLiner is rigorous. Beginning with research, WeatherTech pays close attention to all automobile manufacturers’ vehicle launch dates. Once a vehicle launch has been confirmed, the next step is identifying the number of different configurations needed for each particular vehicle — Does the vehicle come with five or more seats? What is the configuration of the console? Is it manual or automatic? What countries will the vehicle be sold in? Upon conclusion of the research, the next step is finding and acquiring the new vehicle. Once obtained, using a laser scanner, WeatherTech’s Product Development team will measure the footwells and cargo area to create a 3D prototype, which quickly moves into testing. This dedicated team of experts closely examines the finer details of the vehicle, such as the position of the retention devices, the movement and folding of the seats and vehicle controls and much more. They check the functionality of the doors, consoles, storage, vents and option items such as subwoofers, which are all accounted for before molds are created. These steps all help ensure the premium fit FloorLiner is renowned for.

The Art of Detail The real magic of FloorLiner is in its advanced, laser-measured fit. This allows the FloorLiner to rest perfectly in the vehicle’s footwell, a benefit WeatherTech trademarked as "Absolute Interior Protection™.”

FloorLiner boasts a patented High-Density Tri-Extruded (HDTE) material that allows for a rigid core for strength while offering surface friction to the factory carpet, as well as a soft tactile surface. From the hottest of summers to the depths of winter, FloorLiner’s durable construction will not crack, curl or harden. Its proprietary surfacing helps carry water and spills to a lower reservoir, while further channeling contains those liquids and keeps them away from shoes and clothing during your drive. Unlike carpet, FloorLiner can be effortlessly removed, emptied and cleaned. These thoughtful details work together to protect throughout the lifespan of vehicle ownership.

A FloorLiner for All There’s a FloorLiner for every luxury enthusiast. Fitting elegantly and perfectly within each vehicle is priority number one at WeatherTech by offering absolute protection for whatever life brings. Remember, if it’s not WeatherTech, it’s not worth it.

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