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Women in Wine: BACA Wines is Leads by Example

One of Napa Valley’s newest brands is making a big splash in the wine industry by being one of the only brands to be almost completely spearheaded by women. Owned by Kathryn Walt Hall and Craig Hall, BACA is a fresh, new luxury California Zinfandel that fosters a sense of adventure. BACA, founded in 2018, is led by both Director Jennifer Brown and Winemaker Alison Frichtl Hollister, who have set out to create a wine that is nuanced, honest, current and fun. BACA is all about getting outside and making the most of each moment.

While BACA celebrates the diversity that having women leaders brings to BACA each and every day. This brand knows that a successful company needs to have both men and women to be successful, and that having women in the forefront of a company, especially in wine country, is something really special. With far fewer than 50% of Napa Valley Wineries having female winemakers, BACA is incredibly fortunate to have Alison as their rock-star winemaker. They are even further shattering glass ceilings with the stand-out leadership of Director Jennifer Brown.

Jennifer Brown leads brand development, marketing strategies, and operational plans, as well as spearheads Direct-to-Consumer and Wholesale channels for the newly launched luxury wine brand. Prior to working at HALL & WALT, Jennifer was the founder of Omghow / Girl Karma Inc., a social platform and positive destination for teen girls. “At BACA.” says Brown, “we have women in leadership positions across all parts of the company, including myself as the director of BACA and Alison Frichtl Hollister, as our winemaker. Women have touched every aspect of our wine – from the women in the fields who help pick the grapes to our Creative Manager Christy Logan, who designed our wine label. We know that having women and men at our winery increases diversity of thought and creates a better product. For example, I have often thought that women taste wine differently than men do, so having both Alison and Steve Leveque, our VP of Winemaking, in the winemaking process results in better wine.”

Jennifer grew up in the wine industry. Some of her fondest childhood memories are skipping through her family’s Zinfandel vineyards in Redwood Valley with her brother. As a little girl, she would pick out stones from the vineyards to inspire her mother, Vintner Kathryn Hall, to choose a background for their family’s original WALT labels. “On a personal note, I grew up with a strong female role model, who showed me what it means to be a woman who knows her power. My mother, Kathryn Hall, has been a trailblazer in male-dominated industries. She was one of only a few women in her law school class; she was an ambassador to Austria, when most of her predecessors and employees were men; she is a vintner when most in the wine industry are men. I feel very proud to be a female leader and to work with so many smart, capable women and men.” Shares Director Jennifer Brown.

BACA’s message has inspired celebrities, influencers and wine lovers alike have join forces in support of this female led brand. Check out BACA’s Instagram @BACAWines using the hashtag #ForTheZin to learn how you can get involved. We are raising our glasses to the strong women who surround us in all aspects of life.

BACA is part of the HALL Family of wine brands and is produced at HALL Wines in St. Helena. For more information, please visit


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