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World Cat Catamaran - Smoothness. Speed. Stability.

True to their name, you’ll find World Cat’s on virtually every ocean and lake in the world. Over 80,000 customers across the globe can be found enjoying World Cat catamarans. They’ve chosen their boats because World Cat delivers a smoother, more stable, more enjoyable experience from entertaining at the dock to navigating the deepest waters.

The origin of World Cat can be traced back over a quarter of a century to the beginning of our Glacier Bay Edition boats in America’s Pacific Northwest. Today, World Cat is the largest maker of power catamarans in the world. Located in Tarboro, North Carolina, their boats are precision crafted in a state-of-the-art 140,000 square foot facility.

While building an array of boats in different sizes and configurations, each is a reflection of their mission is to deliver the smoothest ride on water – making boating more enjoyable and giving boaters the comfort and confidence to cruise, fish, dive, and explore the water world around them.

From the South Pacific to Siberia, World Cats have safely carried thousands of boaters over tens of thousands of miles. Shouldn’t you share in that experience?

If you’re a boater, you know about the pounding, slapping, exhausting ride that a monohull boat subjects you to. But, with a World Cat power catamaran, you get a smoother, more stable ride. That means no more physical abuse – for you or your family and friends. You can stay on the water longer, and go farther. You’ll come back with more energy, and fewer bruises. And, along with that comfort, you’ll have the confidence to head out in conditions that keep other boaters at shore.

Most new models start in the R&D department. But the 400 Series began with an design and develop the most sophisticated and customizable catamaran models on the market. A catamaran model that surrounds you with a yacht-like feel with lush appointments, expansive room, and infused with technology.

With an initial $3 million investment, they set out to create the perfect catamaran, one that would not only meet their World Cat standards, but also one that would exceed the customer’s standards by offering a customizable model. The ability to choose your soft goods and fabric, choose your hard-surface materials, your colors, and even choose the perfect set up for your boating experience with customized configurations.

Why invest in creating a highly customizable model? Because these custom configurations provide the ability to adapt to each owner’s specific needs. For instance, there are 12 different transom configurations common to all three models in the Custom Yacht Division resulting in 36 different versions of the 400’s - ranging from a luxurious cruising dual console with enclosed head and separate stateroom to a true offshore center console with sleigh seating and a sporty upper station.

Whether you're looking for a summer kitchen with propane grill, a 60-gallon live well, chiller box, bait rigging station, dive tank storage or additional seating, there is a combination that fits any owner’s usage. If a crew wants to dive, cruise, fish or just spend a leisurely day out on the water, there is a design that can fit any need.


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