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Yves Saint Laurent - Dawn Patrol

Last year, Saint Laurent’s Anthony Vaccarello introduced Rive Droite, an experimental space where clothing and artwork are sold side by side. Now a lifestyle line, Rive Droite continues to explore unique collaborations. The new surf-inspired Dawn Patrol collection blends the lines between rugged and refined as seamlessly as Yves Saint Laurent melded masculine and feminine elegance.

The collection includes a wetsuit made in collaboration with Soöruz, a label committed to reducing its environmental footprint, leopard-print Havaianas flip-flops, and plenty of teeny Saint Laurent bikinis.

But in keeping with Rive Droite’s ethos to examine style beyond clothing, the collection also includes a surfboard that is as functional as it is beautiful (make it the centerpiece of your living room), a turntable designed by Pierre Riff aud made from hand carved marble and plenty of other home goods all infused with Vaccarello’s signature indie-rock touch.


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