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4 Tips to Add an Equestrian Accent to Your Outfit

Fashion and horse riding may appear to be worlds apart, but they are actually closely connected. In fact, many high fashion labels trace their roots to the equestrian world. From Hermès, which started as a Parisian saddle store, to the wide variety of Gucci bags for women featuring the iconic horsebit, designers have always drawn inspiration from this style.

The elegance of old Hollywood stars like Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly, or unforgettable First Ladies like Jackie Kennedy and Lady Diana has left an indelible mark on the fashion world. In their looks, it is not uncommon to find references to the equestrian world, from knee-high leather boots to belts and the hardware of their handbags.

How to incorporate these references into everyday attire? Here are some styling ideas.

The Horsebit: Emblem of Equestrian Style

To add an equestrian touch to your look, there is no need to wear typical jockey jackets or fitted pants. Sometimes, a single detail is enough to transform an outfit. Gucci knows this well. Thanks to a brilliant intuition, the Florentine label adopted the classic horsebit, typical of riding accessories, as one of its own distinctive symbols. From handbags to loafers, the “Gucci horsebit” is now known worldwide as a signature detail of the brand.

Fitted Jackets: The Essential Piece of Outerwear

Slim-fitted jackets, typically associated with the world of horse racing, are a must-have item if you wish to pursue this kind of style.

Solid color, checkered, tartan, or subtly striped, there are options for all tastes. The common elements in all designs remain the tailored cut and the tight fit.

Boots: A Must-Have Accessory

It is enough to put on a pair of calf boots and to instantly channel equestrian style. From plain tubular designs with zippers to strapped or laced-up boots with a retro appeal, once again, the options to choose from are really varied. Made of high-quality fine leathers, riding boots are not only a style choice but a true investment as timeless accessories that are unlikely to ever go out of style.

Leggings: The Equestrian - Inspired Pants

Close-fitting pants, worn with a pair of tall leather boots, are perhaps one of the combinations most associated with horseback riding. To create the desired look, you can opt for a pair of black structured leggings with pockets, variants in blue and brown nuances are also excellent options.

If you prefer a more contemporary feel, you can choose a pair of dark skinny jeans, even in colors other than the classic navy or black, such as dark green or burgundy.

Those who love tone-on-tone outfits can instead combine a pair of light-colored slim-fit pants with a button-down shirt and jacket in the same hue.

Have fun experimenting with clothes and accessories to create your very own equestrian style!


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