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Criminally Charged While Traveling? Here’s Why You Need a Good Lawyer

Finding yourself in legal trouble while away from home can be one of the scariest experiences in a person’s life. If you were criminally charged while on vacation or while traveling in another country and you are trying to navigate what to do next, it is time to call a lawyer. Check out the guide below for why you need a good lawyer to help you get off with as little consequences as possible.

Protection of Rights

Once you return to your home country or whether you are being held abroad for your criminal charge, your attorney will be able to come to your aid and protect your rights. Criminal appeals attorneys have extensive knowledge of the rights of American citizens and can quickly help you if you are being held in another country. They can negotiate with local authorities and pay your bail if necessary so that you can get back to the US and start working on your case. 

If you do not speak the local language or you are unsure what your rights are in an unfamiliar place, a good lawyer will come and ask for your rights by negotiating with the powers that be. They will also advise you on when to speak and what to say, making a very stressful experience less so. 

Knowledge of Foreign Laws

Well-trained attorneys have spent years pouring over laws not only in their country but in countries all over the world if that is their specialty. There are certain lawyers like Criminal Appeals Attorney in San Antonio, Texas who focus on helping people who have run into trouble with the law while traveling. They can work with local authorities, scan through witness statements, and build a case for your defense. Whether you were caught doing something very minor or you did something that you did not know was illegal, your lawyer can build the case for you.

This is one of the big issues for people who travel to different countries: they do not have an intricate knowledge of local laws and customs, and may accidentally find themselves in trouble with the law. Some countries are very strict about certain things while others are more relaxed. One way to avoid running into these problems is to do some research about the country you are visiting before you go so that you are prepared to be a law-abiding citizen.  

Negotiation Skills

You hire a good lawyer because they are trained to negotiate. If you are involved in a criminal court case and you are the one who is at fault, then you must have someone who can negotiate with other lawyers, judges, and insurance companies to make sure that you receive the minimal penalty. 

In many cases, prosecutors are willing to get into negotiations, especially if you are a first-time offender or you did not know that what you were doing was breaking the law. This is a good thing because it means that your case will not end up going to court and it can be settled after a few meetings. Many prosecutors do have sympathy for foreigners because they are not familiar with local laws, so your lawyer will most likely be able to negotiate a plea deal or a very minor sentence like a fine.   

Research Abilities

Experienced lawyers are adept at diving deep into cases to find ways to help their clients. If you hire a criminal appeals attorney, they will immediately begin working with all parties involved in the case to get to the root of the problem and determine whether or not you are truly guilty of what you have been charged with. They will work tirelessly to study the local laws where you were arrested to find loopholes and build a defense. 

A lot of the information about your charge may also be in a different language, so a team of lawyers will use their resources to translate the documents correctly and find out all of the details of your case and what exactly they are charging you with.

Representation in Court

If your charge is severe enough, you may have to go to court in the place where you received you were arrested. Having a lawyer there with you at all moments will help you feel safer in an unfamiliar environment and they will be the ones doing most of the talking during the proceedings. If you do have to go to court for your case, you will have to have some kind of representation, so it is better to find your own attorney and build a relationship with them and work on the case together than to just be assigned a random local attorney who may not even speak the same language as you. 

You will need to find an experienced lawyer who is familiar with the place where you were criminally charged and who has extensive knowledge of the legal system in that place. In the end, it is better to have your own experienced attorney with a translator than to have an attorney who doesn’t really know you and might not have your best interest at heart. They can interview you on the stand to get an accurate account of what happened, cross-examine witnesses who were there when the crime occurred, and make a case for you in front of the judge and jury.

Emotional Support

Being caught in the middle of a criminal investigation while in a different country is a nightmare situation. With an empathetic lawyer to help you through the proceedings, you will feel better knowing that someone is in your corner through all of it. Nobody wants to be in the position of having to defend themselves in front of strangers for something they may not have even known was wrong, so having an attorney there for emotional support makes all the difference.

When traveling abroad, it is always scary to find yourself in situations where you could get into trouble. The best things you can do when traveling are to do research about local laws and customs, don’t stray away from popular tourist areas, and make sure to be respectful to the locals. These steps will help you to hopefully never end up in a situation where you are criminally charged while traveling.


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