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Oil Change Myths Debunked: Get the Facts Straight

There are many things that people say about oil change that simply are not true. These myths do not bring any good because, for some people, they overcomplicate matters; for others, it is just more work they need to do. In this article, we will discuss some of these myths so that you can recognize when someone is trying to convince you that you must do something, that they are completely mistaken and that you shouldn't be concerned.

Dark oil means that you need to change it

Some people argue that when your car has dark oil, you need to change it, which is not necessarily true. The oil is dark because it is doing its job of trapping all the contaminants and particles your car has. Next time, when you think that you need a GMC oil change, know that you cannot determine it by the color of the oil. Stick to the manufacturer's guide and you will be good.

Every 3000 miles, you need to change it

Many people think that you need to change your oil every 3000 miles, no matter the motor type or the condition. Even though it is much better to change the oil early, you still do not want to waste time and money. You need to know that different cars have different requirements when it comes to changing the oil. Many manufacturers recommend that people change the oil when the car reaches 5000 to 7500 mileage. Some manufacturers go as far as 10,000 miles. So do not listen to what people say but rather listen to the car manufacturers, who know how their engines work. You should always read the owner's manual about how far your car can go before you need to change your oil. This way, you will save money and time. 

Synthetic oil causes leaks

Many people believe that synthetic oil can cause leaks in vehicles, and this is not true at all. People may have started believing this myth because their car already had a leak and the synthetic oil is much more noticeable than other types. What is true is that this type of oil gives much better performance and provides better protection for the whole system. 

Switching oils

Some think that if you once change to a synthetic oil, you need to stick to that choice forever. This statement is not true at all and you can switch between oil types whenever you like. What we suggest is that you do not go against the recommended oil type your manufacturer advises you because they understand what type of oil is best for the motor and which will make it perform the best.

You must heat the engine before starting the oil change

Some people may tell you that you must let your engine run for some time before you start your oil change. This will make it easier for you to get all the oil out but you are not obliged to do it. Also, if you leave it running for a lot of time, you will be working with hot oil, which may present risks. You do not want to handle oil that is almost boiling, so you should run the car just for a few minutes until it warms up, and then commence the change.

If you do not drive the car often, you do not need a change

If you are someone who does not use the car often, or if you have multiple cars and are using them sparingly, you may think that you do not need to change the oil in it because you have not gone over the mileage limit, but that is not true. The oil in the car can deteriorate due to many reasons, like changes in temperature, moisture, and others. The safest way for you and your car is to change it as recommended by the manufacturer, even if you have not crossed the mileage limit.

There is no difference between oil filters

Like when you are changing any piece of your car, you have manufacturers who do a better job than others and that is why, when you pick oil filters, you should pick the right ones if you want top performance. The better the filter, the better your motor will run and the better the performance. So make sure when you pick the oil filters that you choose the best ones or at least ones that will be good enough for your car.

There are many myths about oil change out there and you should not believe what regular people say. Go to a mechanic and inform yourself properly. You do not want to make your job harder than it already is.


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