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The Boots On Every Fashion-Conscious Woman's Feet This Winter

The right pair of boots is the ultimate component of any winter outfit. And each year, the fashion world seeks out new innovations and reforms to keep this closest staple feeling fresh. 

Whether you prefer classic combat boots or a chic pair of kitten heels, any capsule wardrobe should have at least one pair of statement women’s boots designed to carry you through winter and well into the warmer months.

Kitten Heels

Kitten heels are considered by many to be one of the most underrated shoe styles. They are a somewhat divisive style, as most people either love them or avoid them altogether. They are the perfect combination of an elegant and slightly more playful alternative to regular flats while still being immensely more comfortable than sky-high heels. 

You can pair them with many winter favorites, including a cozy winter dress and tights, ankle-grazer jeans, and a chic button-down shirt or a stylish pleated knee-length skirt and sophisticated cashmere turtleneck for the ideal dinner look. 

Buckled In

Whether you go for motorcycle, combat, or edgy glam, buckled boots can bring an instant hit of attitude to any outfit in the best possible way. They can be the missing piece to a grunge-glam-inspired look or create an excellent contrast with airy and feminine pieces. 

Step outside of the box and pair these hardware-centric showstoppers with an incredibly feminine white silk slip dress and a camel-brown buttoned cardigan for a sophisticated and sexy date night look. 

Chelsea Boots

Chelsea Boots have been a firm favorite for both men and women for years. Their practical style and immense comfort have created a footwear option that is simultaneously tough yet refined. You are unlikely to find many other shoes with similar durability and strength, making them ideal for stomping through icy streets and snow piles. 

Because they are perpetually in style and can be worn throughout the year, they are the perfect shoe to invest in, as they will quickly pay for themselves in usage. Pair them with loose-fitting jeans and an oversized sweatshirt for a day of errands or a casual lunch with friends. 


Square-toed flat shoes have found their way onto the trending list for summer fashion, so it should be no surprise that the boots are following suit. They make the ultimate statement with strong, straight lines and right angles, creating a very structured and sleek finish. 

To maintain this modern and cool aesthetic, pair them with a pair of pleated, tailored trousers or straight-leg jeans. Complete with a crisp, white button-down shirt and a chic leather jacket for the ideal ‘cool girl’ look. 

Riding Boots

You don't need to frequent a stable to rock classic riding boots. They are a longtime favorite for a range of celebrities, including Taylor Swift and Kate Middleton, offering a practical yet polished and incredibly sleek finish to any look. 

They are a reliable go-to option in winter thanks to their immense comfort, sturdy build, and effortless ability to match everything from your favorite pair of fitted jeans to a flowing and flirty knee-length dress and winter overcoat. 

Sock Boots

For a more casual winter boot, look no further than sock boots. They can be viewed as the cold-weather alternative to the classic ballet flats and are a wonderfully graceful option for any evening affair. 

Keep things simple by pairing them with warm tights or opaque stockings and a fun, flowing dress of any length. While they can be worn under jeans, pants will cover the main styling features of the shoes, causing you to lose its finishing effect. 


Despite exploding onto the scene decades ago, lace-up boots still feel as popular as ever. Their tough and industrial appearance is the perfect way to add edge to any outfit while still maintaining a dressy and stylish finish. 

Combat boots may have been initially designed for the working man, but their inclusion in mainstream fashion has made them one of the best winter boots to wear, thanks to their sturdy rubber sole, comfortable fit, and adequate protection from the harsh winter weather. Pair them with everything from jeans and tailored pants to dresses, skirts, and winter tights. 


Wedges may give you flashbacks to the early 2000s. However, this popular Y2K trend is still dominating runways and closets around the world, with newer iterations giving it a bold and modern transformation. 

For many, the biggest appeal of wedge boots is that they are far more comfortable than heeled boots without compromising on style. Wear them as you would any regular heel, but try to avoid floor-length dresses, skirts, or pants so as not to cover their chunky design.

Fold-Over Silhouette 

If you are looking for an added layer of interest to your outfit, consider the textual twist of fold-over boots, a significant trend this winter season. Givenchy was the first fashion house to showcase this unusual style nearly ten years ago, and countless designers have since recreated it with their own personal touch. 

Because the boot is designed to make a statement, build an outfit that complements the style as opposed to competing with it, allowing it to stand out. Stick to neutral tones and avoid any clothing that may cover or hide your fashionable footwear. 


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