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3 Of The Most Expensive Gemstones Money Can Buy

We love wearing things that make us feel good, but that also look good. This is why we spend a lot of money on designer clothes - they feel high-quality, which makes us feel good about ourselves.

The same goes for accessories like jewelry; we want to buy the best to look the best. So, we purchase items with big shiny gems on them that glitter and sparkle in the light. But, what are the most valuable gemstones in the world? If you’re interested in getting the best of the best, these are the most favorable options:


There are lots of types of diamonds out there and they can vary in value. The most expensive ones will have absolutely no inclusions, making them as perfect as can be. While there are some diamond inclusions to avoid, you can come across slightly imperfect diamonds that are worth a fortune.

Additionally, you have rare types of diamonds - like pink or red diamonds. Both of these are extremely rare variants that can sell for around a million dollars per carat. The rarer the diamond, the pricier it’ll be.


Many people haven’t heard of this gemstone as it’s incredibly rare and you won’t see it in most jewelry shops. It’s an exclusive mineral with a slightly purple natural glow and sparkle. To the untrained eye, you’d mistake this for a lilac diamond.

The stone is only found in a couple of places on planet Earth and was first uncovered in 1945 - which is very recent for a gem. The sheer rarity means it costs a fortune, with even the lowest-grade options fetching tens of thousands of dollars per carat.


Again, this is a gem that you’ve probably never heard of in your life. This is partially because the name is so difficult to say, but mainly because it’s so rare. The biggest issue with this gem is how hard it is to mine, often getting hidden away amongst the rocks. It has a lovely bluish-green look to it that sets it apart from many other gems.

Right now, it’s expected that the price of grandidiertie per carat is around $20,000.

Ironically, most people only think of diamonds when rare gemstones come up in conversation. For decades, we’ve been led to believe that these sparkly stones are the rarest of them all. While pink and red diamonds are definitely the rarest out there, regular ones are not. In fact, both of the other gems on this list are technically rarer and cost more per carat than a normal diamond.

So, if you’re looking for high-end luxury jewelry ideas, perhaps you’ve got a couple of new gems to try. An honorable mention goes out to serendibite, which is around the same value as diamonds. Some argue its rarer and more expensive, but the variety of diamonds means you do end up finding variants that are worth a lot more. Even so, this provides you have many opportunities when looking for new luxury jewelry accessories.


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