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Achieve Sustainable Weight Loss with the Cenegenics Elite Health Program

Weight loss is a greatly desired health goal in our society. However, our need for instant gratification sends us down the slippery slope of Google searches for quick fixes. Fad diets and programs offer the best short term results, often resulting in a slowed metabolism, increased stress and anxiety over food choices, nutritional gaps, and depleted energy.

Why Am I Gaining Weight?

According to research, there are three common factors associated with why people gain weight: stress, “pleasure” eating, and outside influence on individual behavior.

Stress and Increased Cortisol

Chronic stress is a common factor of weight gain. Stress, in small doses, can be useful to focus and perform a task successfully. On a short-term basis, the body’s immediate response to stress is to release adrenaline, which suppresses appetite. Yet, chronic stress can cause frequent, excessive amounts of cortisol, also known as the stress hormone, to be released.

Unlike adrenaline, cortisol does not wear off as quickly and signals the body to replenish its energy supply. So, in addition to regulating metabolism and controlling blood sugar levels, it also increases fat storage over time. This may prompt you to eat extra food if you are not managing your stress.

Food Cravings

Pleasure is another factor of weight gain. In addition to the release of cortisol, chronic stress can also increase appetite through the release of ghrelin. Ghrelin is the hunger-hormone that triggers increased appetite and fat storage, causing individuals to crave highly processed, unhealthy food to suppress appetites driven by stress-related factors.

Outside Influences on Behavior

The behaviors we implement to combat weight gain are easily influenced by TV shows, magazines, movies, and a number of outside sources. Research shows that individuals whose weight loss journey is not spurred by intrinsic motivators often lose weight successfully but tend to gain it all back, if not more.

Fad Diets – Why They Aren’t Worth the Hassle

Fad diets often have extreme restrictions and can only guarantee short-term results. Fad diets can slow down your metabolism, increase levels of ghrelin, and cause increased stress, apprehension, and even fear, which makes you more inclined to give up and return to a pleasure-driven diet in the long run.

Tips for Sustainable Weight Loss

Here are a few tips to help you make long-lasting, positive changes:

  • Take time to define your goals and the reasons you want to lose weight

  • Remember that the decisions you make each day will enable you to meet your goals

  • Be your own positive encouragement; remember why you started

  • Keep in mind that you need to put yourself first

  • Don’t be afraid to fail, but keep moving forward

Next Steps: Start Your Journey to Weight Loss with Cenegenics

Get your complimentary consultation.

Your Cenegenics team will help guide your weight loss journey though customized nutrition, exercise, supplementation and hormone optimization, if clinically indicated. Your plan changes as your life changes!

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