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Creative Ways to Section Your Living Room and Maximize the Space

In today's real estate climate and the cost of living crisis, more and more people are having to downsize their living arrangements. Many families are choosing to live in smaller apartments and maximize the space with their furnishings. Whether you live in a spacious loft or a studio apartment, you will want to make your home feel more balanced and comfortable. One way to do so is by incorporating biophilic design into your interior, and our previous post serves as a guide to bringing nature into your indoor environment for peace and tranquility. By using real plants and utilizing natural materials like oak, maple, and bamboo, you can make your space look homely and reap the benefits of improved air quality, mood, and productivity.

Another practical way to boost the flexibility and functionality of your home is by starting with the living room, the first room that visitors see upon entering. Below, we highlight creative ways to section the living room and make the most out of your living space.

Consider adding a screen

Screens or foldable panels are an effective way to introduce sections into your living room without having to put up permanent walls or dividers. If you live in an apartment with rooms adjoined to the living area, wooden or fabric screens can also add privacy while still facilitating flow into the entire space. While you can find room dividers in varying sizes, materials, and designs that suit your overall interior design theme, you may also consider starting a DIY project by painting or adding fabric to foldable panels with mounted hinges for easy storage and use.

Arrange seating furniture strategically

Meanwhile, focusing on furniture like sofas and ottomans is also a brilliant way to section off your living room without blocking natural light or clogging up the space. An effective way to maximize this space is through a customizable shaped sofa. L-shaped couches can be moved and adjusted freely while still creating an illusion of division. Just like screens, you’ll find that sectional seating comes in a wide range of sizes, orientations, and materials like leather and linen, especially when you shop online. A versatile piece like the Bonaterra Sand 97" Sofa with Reversible Chaise is perfect for relatively small spaces, while those with larger living rooms can splurge on the Flinn 103" 2 Piece Convertible Sleeper Sectional for added storage and functionality.

Use bookshelves

Besides seating furniture, bookcases and shelves can also create boundaries while still keeping the space open and letting natural light flow through. These pieces can also add dimension by mimicking the height and width of a wall. Whether you opt for a tall vintage bookcase for a mid-century vibe or open shelving to make your space look more modern, consider reading this article on how to arrange your shelf tastefully and creatively. ‘Queer Eye’ cast member Jeremiah Brent recommends styling bookshelves through color-coordinated, hardbound books and sentimental objects like artifacts, pottery, and sculptures.

Incorporate light installations

Lastly, you can utilize light fixtures as ambient light sources and organic room dividers. Among the top lighting trends this year are layered light installations, which do away with conventional overhead setups for a more dynamic mix of sconces, floor lamps, and table lamps. Once again, you can also go the DIY route and customize a floor-to-ceiling light installation depending on the height or width of the division you want. 

Overall, the living room design ideas mentioned above can all be temporary to cater to various living needs and situations, whether you’re a renter who can’t make permanent changes or a homeowner who constantly changes their room layouts. Continue reading Elevated Magazines for more insightful resources on home living.


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