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Essential Design Considerations for Luxury Home Decoration

Creating an effortlessly indulgent space can take, well, effort! So, to make things more simplified, take a look at these essential considerations for your luxury home. 

Customized Built-In Technology 

When it comes to luxury interior design, it goes without saying that simple, clean lines exude an air of opulence. However, in the modern world, where everything is driven by new technologies, installing potentially bulky units can disrupt the flow of any room. With this in mind, customized technology solutions can be a great way to include all the top technologies without interrupting even the most minimalist designs. Lighting can be hidden in cabinets, TVs installed in tailored wall cavities, and switches for radios, electric fireplaces, thermostats, and pre-set lighting fitted snugly to the walls.

Of course, this can come at quite a cost, and more significant structural and electrical work may need to take place before you move in. But think of it as an investment, and consider ways to speed up the sale of your previous property to get a head start on installing your required technologies. When moving to a new home, cash house buyers can easily liquidate their assets for investments like these. This can provide a more streamlined house sale and onward purchase, whilst allowing you to invest in the most cutting edge technologies and other design pieces as soon as possible. 

Commission Art Pieces 

For many rooms, an accent wall can capture your personality, allowing you to breathe some life into an otherwise minimalist color story. That said, to ooze luxury, a simple block color might just not cut it. In light of this, an excellent way to bring added luxury and interest to any room is with custom art. There are several ways you might approach this, depending on your taste, desired aesthetic, and personality.

The boldest, perhaps, is to commission a custom mural for your feature wall to create a focal point of the room - and a discussion topic for dinner parties. Similarly, an oversized artwork hung on the feature wall or above a bed frame really signifies luxury. For those who prefer more nuanced or personal touches, a gallery wall of personal photographs or art pieces can be a great alternative. Reach out to local artists or browse reputable auctions to find or commision pieces that reflect your personality. 

Invest in High Quality Materials 

As we've touched upon, it can pay to invest in the highest quality technologies and artworks to strike the right balance between simplicity and luxury decoration. And, this logic should be applied to every design decision in your home - even those you might initially overlook.

Take something like flooring, for example. Whilst many laminates look like hardwood these days, it cannot be refinished if you redecorate and typically lasts 10 years. Hardwood flooring, on the other hand, can be sanded and refinished many times, increases the value of the home, and can last a lifetime. Similarly, good quality furniture can be reupholstered time and time again, as the skeleton will stand the test of time. 

And there you have it - just a few tips and tricks for creating an opulent interior design that exudes luxury. All that's left to do is allow your creativity to run free.


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