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Homecoming Dresses: 7 Things To Remember While Decision Making

Homecoming season is right around the corner. 

Your anticipation must be over the roof, and we understand It is completely natural. 

Without a doubt, homecoming is the event of the year that helps you make memories for the rest of your life!

But are you anxious about what to wear and how to manage the perfect unique homecoming dresses just like you have imagined?

Worry not. We have got you covered. 

We have collected some key tips for you to check before entering the event area on the big night. 

Before you step into these points, let’s gather a quick understanding of homecoming as an event. 

Let’s get started. 

Anyways, What’s Homecoming?

During the early period of the fall semester, both high schools and colleges organize homecoming events. 

Homecoming, or HoCo, is an American tradition celebrating the season's first football game. It opens the gates for the Alumni of the campus to have a blast and celebrate their school spirit. 

High school homecomings often last an entire school week and culminate in a Friday night football game followed by a dance. 

On the other hand, university homecomings still celebrate school spirit, but there’s more of an alumni focus.

It is an excellent place for the students to get dressed and enjoy the season together. 

Tips To Dress Up For The Big HoCo Night

We have collected key pointers for you to remember in advance to ensure your celebration goes off without a hitch. Read on to get fully prepared:

Learn About The School Rules First 

  • It is best to review all the guidelines, from the homecoming dress code to dance rules and get prepared in advance. 

  • Let’s face it: agreeing to the policies would be better than getting sent home on the night of the celebration. 

  • If you believe your outfit does not fall within the guidelines, bring a light jacket or shrug to wear over the dress. 

Plan In Advance With Your Friends 

  • Make a checklist of things you may need to do beforehand, like purchasing tickets, arranging transportation, and coordinating outfits with friends. It will enhance your experience overall. 

  • You can even plan out certain group activities, as Homecoming is a great platform to socialize with people. 

  • Besides, taking pictures, getting ready with your friends, and hanging out together before or after the event can make the whole evening truly special. 

Figure Out Your Budget 

  • Discuss with your parents or guardians about their willingness to contribute financially.

  • Determine your budget for special occasions, including the dress and other expenses for the evening.

  • Recognize that while homecoming dances may not have as many costs as prom, there are still expenses such as dance tickets and unique homecoming dresses.

  • Utilize online shopping features to set price limits and stay within your budget.

  • Consider DIY options for homecoming hairstyles or makeup to save money.

  • Alternatively, organize a prep party with friends to help each other with hair and makeup using simple techniques and tools.

Choose A Dress That Flaunts Your Best Asset While Keeping Your Comfortable

  • Keep your preferred aesthetic mood board handy when searching for a homecoming dress: glam Barbiecore, romantic Balletcore, edgy, boho, or a combination of styles.

  • Explore trendy options that complement your personality and accentuate your best features.

  • If you love your arms, consider dresses with halter necklines, strapless designs, or one-shoulder styles.

  • Showcase a beautiful back with backless, cutout, or plunging dresses, or opt for a mini dress to highlight great stems.

  • Emphasize curves with form-fitting dresses like bodycon styles, or cinch your waist with nipped-in skater dresses.

  • Choose designer HoCo dresses that enhance your overall look and make you feel confident and stylish.

Test Your Outfit Vigorously Before Actually Wearing It On The Big Night

  • Try on your homecoming dress and shoes to ensure ease of movement.

  • Dance vigorously in your room to test mobility, including getting low, jumping high, and shaking it.

  • Walk up and down stairs, practice getting in and out of a car, and sit down at a table to simulate homecoming night activities.

  • Address any discomfort or exposure issues by practicing strategic movement and taking preventative measures.

  • Similarly, test your shoes to ensure they're comfortable for walking and dancing by wearing them for at least an hour each day of the week leading up to homecoming.

  • Conduct trial runs of hair and makeup ideas to prevent last-minute beauty disasters.

  • Ensure the chosen look complements you by practicing beforehand, ensuring your confidence and comfort on homecoming night.

Choose The Right Undergarment

  • Ensure you have the appropriate undergarments for your homecoming dress to maintain comfort and support.

  • Select bras, underwear, and shapewear that match your skin tone to avoid visible lines or bumps, especially under camera flashes.

  • Determine if you need a full-coverage bra, strapless bra, backless bra, or nipple cover to suit the style of your dress and keep your chest secure.

  • Choose fuller coverage underwear for swingy short skirts or seamless pairs for smooth lines with bodycon dresses.

  • Consider wearing shapewear if it makes you feel more comfortable, smooths curves, and achieves a flawless fit under your dress.

Keep An Emergency Fashion Disaster Management Kit In Your Bag

  • Prepare an emergency kit to be ready for any mishaps that may occur during homecoming.

  • Include items such as stain remover for deodorant stains, a mini sewing kit for broken zippers, and blister pads for sore feet.

  • Pack nail glue for broken nails and any other essentials you might need for quick fixes.

  • Having an emergency kit on hand ensures you can easily handle unexpected situations and continue enjoying the event.

Now, you are all set for the night!


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