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How to Choose the Right Mushroom Grow Bags for Your Indoor Garden

Not all Americans have access to a lawn or garden, which is promoting the popularity of indoor gardening. In fact, over 41% of people across the US are cultivating indoor foliage plants.

If you want to add some unique life and edible growth to your indoor garden, mushroom grow bags are a great way to enhance this area. Read on to learn how you can choose the perfect mushroom grow kit for your individual needs.

Know the Types of Mushroom Grow Bags

Mushroom grow bags are made of polypropylene, a thermoplastic that won't melt until it reaches 266°F. This makes it perfect for holding the grain or sawdust used to cultivate mushrooms.

They withstand the high temperatures of fertilizer (about 250°F) and are folded so they lay flat despite their ability to hold a large amount of sawdust or grain.

The bags also have a filter on the front to get the mushrooms growing inside of it fresh air. You can choose between several different size bags depending on the volume of mushrooms you want to grow.

Filter size is also a common consideration, and they exist between 0.2-5 microns. 0.5 micron is normally the highest rating you should choose for spawn bags.

You also should think about material thickness since you can choose bags anywhere between 2.2-4 mm thick. Thicker bags are less likely to tear but are more expensive. 2-3 mm is a great sweet spot if you handle the bags with care.

Choose the Right Mushrooms to Cultivate

Most people cultivate mushrooms for consumption. After all, there are tons of delicious mushroom side dish recipes and main courses.

Some great options for kitchen experimentation include shiitake mushrooms, white pearl mushrooms, and blue oysters. Golden oyster alternatives are also delicious, and red reishi mushrooms are ideal for rich sauce and gravy recipes.

Think about what you like to eat and research recipes. Grow the mushrooms purposefully.

Also, consider where you plan to cultivate your mushroom growing kits. Some need more light than others, but most are fine in full shade. No matter what you choose, you'll need a mushroom log starter kit and some soy wax for mushroom logs, too.

Buy From a Reputable Source

Make sure that you purchase your desired mushroom bag from a retailer you trust. Any mushroom supplies found here are tried and tested options that work for growing in full shade.

They're ideal for food production because they're vetted for safety. You can trust that you'll get your order quickly and efficiently.

Plus, the wide range of different mushroom plugs means that you have tons of options to choose from, so browse thoroughly and make the perfect selection for your needs.

Grow Mushrooms the Right Way

Now that you know how to choose between mushroom grow bags and start a new cultivation hobby, it's time to learn more about indoor gardening.

Check out the "lifestyle" tab on our home page to learn how you can take your garden to the next level. Our podcast also offers a wide range of tips for living life to the fullest, to take a look there, too!


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