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A Guitar Studio with History

Midwood Guitar Studio is located in the heart of Plaza Midwood, Charlotte, NC. The building was built by the Karras Family in 1944 and they still own it. Midwood Guitar Studio is the fourth tenant in the buildings history. The studio is a unique experience and is a destination place for anyone interested playing Boutique Guitars.

Brands such as Collings Guitars, Briggs, D’Angelico, Eastman, Larose, Mario Martin, Veritas, Roscoe, Revelator, Sadowsky, Elrick, Lakland are hanging in our showroom. Benson Amps, 3rd Power, Komet, Oldfield, Swart and Victoria are ready to be plugged in. Earthquaker Devices, Walrus Audio, Petty John, J Rockett, Strymon, and others are standing by ready to change the way you play and sound. Come see us or call today!


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