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“Seas” the Moment: Unwind and Escape on a Yacht

Going on holiday is an annual, or even twice-annual, tradition for a vast majority of families in the UK. Holidaymaking has always been a luxury of some description, but with prices rising in even the most austere international package deals, the holiday is a more luxurious event than ever.

Given the increased overall cost of getting your family away for a blissful week, it stands to reason that you might take your luxury getaway that one step further – and treat your household to a trip like no other. There are many ways to build a bucket-list luxury holiday, but arguably the best is the yachting holiday. Why should you spend your hard-earned on a yacht escape, and where should you dock yourself for a maritime adventure for the ages?

Luxurious Experience

Firstly, and perhaps most obviously, a yacht cruise offers you unparalleled luxury and comfort, particularly in contrast to the often-middling conditions offered by the average resort hotel. Between spacious cabins, personalised concierge services, gourmet cuisine and pampering spa experiences, there’s little more to say – except that some yachts also have a jacuzzi...

Privacy and Exclusivity 

Yacht cruises also provide you with incomparable levels of privacy and exclusivity, not just for being on the water but also for having a great deal more space to yourself. A yacht charter gives you control over the size and amenities of your quarters, as well as exclusive access to personnel there purely to make your stay as comfortable, safe and secure as possible.

Unforgettable Destinations

Yachting also allows you to see the secret side of many incredible coastal destinations, satisfying the travel bug in a unique and highly fun way. Via yacht, you can explore breathtaking destinations that are only accessible by sea! Not only this, but you can do so entirely on your own time, giving you pause to properly immerse yourself in the beauty and tranquillity of the world's most spectacular waterscapes. Which, though, should you consider yachting in?

French Riviera

The French Riviera is France’s worst-kept secret, and an ultimate glamour-spot extending across miles of azure Mediterranean sea. Cannes is a must-visit by yacht, being a cradle of contemporary culture and an ideal cocktail-sipping stretch of beach to boot.

Amalfi Coast

Another riviera of sorts here, in the form of the Amalfi Coast – a stunning stretch of seaside that offers some of the most incredible views, cuisine and relaxation-fodder in the entirety of the European continent. Come for the seafood in Positano, stay for the Capri pizzas, and never leave Amalfi’s marina!

The Bahamas

Finally, we dock our water-borne steed in the balmy waters of the Bahamas – the quintessential tropical holiday destination which remains the dictionary definition of a luxury getaway. Yachting here affords you a great deal more in the way of opportunities than flying, including exploring its clear waters by scuba-diving from your own deck.


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