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The Best Places In The World To Charter A Yacht

There are few modes of travel more luxurious than a private yacht. Most of us cannot afford to buy a yacht, however there is still the option of chartering a yacht. This allows you to hire a yacht for a day or more to explore areas of coastline at your leisure. There are many places around the world where you can charter a yacht. But just what are the top places to rent out your own yacht? This post lists some of the most exciting and popular destinations.

Florida, USA

From the wreck dives of Key Largo to the untouched verdant isles of the Ten Thousand Islands, there are many stunning locations around the coast of Florida that are ideal for exploring in a yacht. Alternatively, if you’re looking to host a private party on the water, there are many party boat rental services that you can explore in Miami. Then there’s Fort Lauderdale - arguably the yacht capital of the world - where you can cruise past superyachts and go celebrity-spotting. All in all, whatever yachting experience you’re looking for, Florida is likely to have it.

French Riviera, France

The French Riviera is an area of coastline that is renowned for being a playground for the megarich and famous. You’ll find more superyachts here anywhere else in the world, as well as many villas belonging to celebrities that can only be spotted from the water. From Nice to Saint Tropez, there are many iconic towns along this coast to explore - each with a vast marina providing plenty of yacht charter opportunities.

Phuket, Thailand

There are many places worth exploring around Thailand via yacht. However, Phuket arguably has some of the most famous and beautiful coastal sights on its doorstep including the limestone rock formations of Phang Nga Bay and paradisiacal beach of Phi Phi Island. You can rent all kinds of boats from Phuket to tour these attractions, however a yacht is the most luxurious option and likely to create the best memories.

Greek islands, Greece

You’ll find many yacht charter services around the islands of Greece that can allow you to organise your own private tours of the islands. Corfu, Mykonos and Zakynthos are some of the most popular islands for yachting - here you can explore secret beaches and cruise alongside scenic cliff top towns.

Puerto Rico

The Carribean island or Puerto Rico has some fantastic marine wildlife in its reefs including manta rays, sea turtles and manatees. Renting a yacht from a company such as Aventurea Charters could be the perfect way to reach these reefs if you’re up for some snorkelling. Alternatively, you can stay on the deck and take in the beautiful beaches.

Bali, Indonesia

Chartering a yacht in Bali could allow you to explore the likes of Komodo island and the Gili Islands from the water. There is so much unique wildlife in the waters here (and on the land - as is the case with the komodo dragon). It’s the perfect yachting destination for wildlife lovers.

Seychelle Islands

The Seychelles are located off the coast of East Africa and are renowned for their gorgeous beaches and reefs. The waters around these islands are very popular for yachting, allowing you to arrange your own private snorkel tours or simply sunbathe in peace on the deck. Visit the main island of Mahe to find the best charter services.

The Great Barrier Reef, Australia

The Great Barrier Reef is possibly the most stunning reef in the world due to its bright corals and vast biodiversity of tropical fish. A luxury yacht is one of the most lavish ways to explore the reef - you can rent one of these boats from Hamilton Island.


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