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$1 Billion & Counting in Los Cabos

In 2012, Vanessa Fukunaga acquired Engel & Völkers Snell Real Estate as the Owner, President | CEO after discovering that Los Cabos as a high-end luxury destination could provide significant business success. Since taking ownership of the brokerage, which dates back to 1997, Vanessa´s level of international business acumen, experience and prowess has been warmly welcomed to the real estate industry in Los Cabos and beyond. In addition to contributing to the historic establishment of the first Engel & Völkers in Mexico, Vanessa has not only maintained the year-over-year position as the top-selling, luxury real estate brokerage in Los Cabos, she has tremendously elevated the real estate level of profession and marketing power and has catapulted sales directing the team in selling over a billion dollars in real estate.

Vanessa is also the Owner, CEO | Publisher of the global, luxury networking platform Ocean Blue World. Well positioned in the premium niche market, Ocean Blue World offers insight on the world´s finest trends, experiences, and products, sharing a special focus on Los Cabos as a world-class destination. The precise combination of real estate with this luxury platform is a true reflection of Vanessa´s mastery and creativity, and to date, the success has been phenomenal.

As a passionate ambassador for Mexico, Vanessa has placed "Los Cabos" on the map, leaving a lasting impression on a great number of local and international investors and clients desiring the perfect setting for a luxury lifestyle. The people, music, culture, and climate – these are the alluring and attractive reasons why people choose to Vacation, Invest, and Retire in this paradise. Truly supporting the evolution of this enchanting location as the `premier destination,´ Vanessa Fukunaga is the embodiment of a successful entrepreneur whose steadfast commitment to business, leadership, and giving back to the community has harnessed a fearless and innovative driving force behind the number one luxury real estate brokerage in the Baja California Sur.

"At Engel & Völkers Snell Real Estate and Ocean Blue World we all share the same desires of trying new things, pushing ourselves with high expectations, and ensuring there is strategy and purpose for everything we do. We are committed to providing our clients with the pinnacle of Los Cabos - and a purchasing experience to match."

- Vanessa Fukunaga



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