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5 Tips For Planning Your First Golf Trip

You may feel like you have a good grasp of your local golf course and it can feel overly familiar. While you may not be able to predict the weather, you can pretty much predict the lay of the land. If you want to take your golf clubs for a jaunt then you could always improve by trying something new. Playing a round of golf somewhere new like Bethany Beach golf courses (or wherever else you may want to go) for example, is a great way to experience a new destination and get better at your own game.

In this guide, we will detail five tips for planning your first golf trip. For more tips about improving your golf, visit us at

Know Who You Are Going With

There is a certain safety in numbers, especially when it comes to a trip to a new destination. Plus, golfing with your friends and golfing companions should bring with it a welcome familiarity. Try to get the numbers right as the correct one will be divisible by four. In fact, a lot of golf tour planners go by eight in any party so try to find seven others to go with for plenty of combinations, easy-to-book accommodation, and table planning for meals.

If you are not in a group then this could be a romantic getaway if your spouse has an interest in golf. It could even be a solo excursion if there is a destination or golf course that you have always wanted to sample yourself. Maybe it is a family trip where various generations of golfers come together to finally go on that trip they have always talked about. Whatever type of trip and the people who are going will dictate the planning so make sure everyone agrees.

Pick An Ideal Destination

The company you go with is one thing but the destination is of prime importance. Thankfully, there are literally hundreds of golfing destinations across the United States. The ideal destination may be close to home so you do not need to pay so much for airline baggage. You could even drive to the course, in which case it might be an idea to decide on whether to go for a public resort or a private club you have always wanted to try.

That could be states like Florida, Oregon, and Wisconsin or more specific locations like Scottsdale in Arizona or Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Should you time your trip for the winter, pick a destination that is closer to the Equator like California or Florida as many golf courses will be closed during the winter.

The time of the year is especially important as you could sneak away to avoid peak season. However, some group members may have children and find it almost impossible to go on a trip while they are still at school. You could even try some desert golf yet in January the rates can double compared to what they would be during the summer. Having an idea of when you can go on your golf trip will narrow down the options for where you can go.

Plan For The Courses

After you have planned your destination, research the available courses as there may be several available at the time of your trip. That could be a signature course for the majors that you have always wanted to try. However, you may have a better time at a lesser-known golf club if the demand is so high. Pick the courses that make sense for the experience and skills of your group so everyone can enjoy a successful round.

Then there are established golf trails that mean you can hit several courses in the same area. That could mean a mix of challenges amongst some established courses and some new ones too. It can be tedious if every golfer simply headed to the same courses over and over again so introduce some variety.

The course you decide to play on may take out a large chunk of your budget so decide carefully. While the likes of Whistling Straits and Pebble Beach may be worth knocking off your bucket list, they may be out of reach for some members of your team. That could be a possibility, if you can get out there for a specific part of the year when the rates are cheaper. For instance, July is typically when the weather is at its best so the charges go up yet by November, it could slip into a budget.

The exclusivity of the golf course can also play a role in how far you have to plan ahead. For the highly-exclusive clubs, you may have to consider booking your trip months in advance. You may have to juggle dates to make it fit yet it could prove close to impossible so try not to get too disappointed if you cannot make it work.

To gain playing access to an exclusive club, you may have to use your contacts. There may even be some days when there are guest restrictions and other days when there aren’t. Perhaps you may have to play with a member which could mean someone from your group misses out. It may be as simple as asking a favor from a host member.

Plan As Much As You Can

Once you have decided on where to go, decide on when you want to go and get started on those invitations. Members of your party may have prior engagements that they cannot easily get out of so planning early will help. Try to include as many details as you can including the proposed dates, the suggested hotels, and which courses you plan on hitting. You may even be able to plan as much that you can send out the invitations to around 15 people and the first seven to respond will have their place secured.

Consider the transport during your trip too as you do not want to spend too much time commuting from your accommodation to the courses. If you go during the week, you can typically expect to find it easier to book a slot on a certain popular course. Some courses may require you to rent a caddy or a golf course well in advance. Plus, it always helps if you know where you are eating after a round and that could be an issue with a large group.

Aside from the actual golf, you should be looking at what to do in your downtime. That could be access to a spa, some excellent restaurants, or some other outdoor activities. Is there a hiking trail nearby or maybe you could do some fishing? Finally, not everyone has the same taste when it comes to accommodation so get the rates and the standards right.

Get The Packing Right

Try to get the packing right so you are not left wondering what you should have brought with you. That means all the little trinkets that you typically carry on a round of golf. It also means a new outfit for each day you are out there and alternatives due to the weather conditions. Check the dress code of your courses too as your typical outfit may not be allowed.


Going on your first golf trip should seem thrilling but it also involves a lot of planning. This should get easier on subsequent trips yet ensure you get your packing right and do the requisite research. Choose from a group of destinations and base that decision on the available courses and the time of year. As well as where you go, make sure that your group is a good one too.


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